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7 DIY PVC Survival Projects That Will Keep You Alive and Well

Inch Survival Gear

These PVC survival projects are easy, inexpensive, and they could save your life.

PVC pipe is easy to work with, comes in a number of sizes, and offers tons of fittings that can help you with your PVC survival projects. Here's a few ideas on how to use that leftover pipe from your bathroom remodel.

1. Make a bow

pvc bow wos

PVC bows can be as simple or elaborate as you want them. Need something quick and easy? Cut some notches in the end of a pipe, install a string, and use your hand as the arrow rest. Want something a little more powerful and accurate? Apply heat and flatten sections of the pipe. This type of PVC bow can come close to the power and accuracy of commercially made bows at a fraction of the price.

2. Make a cache

pvc cache wos
Inch Survival Gear

Cut a piece of large diameter PVC pipe to the desired length, cap one end and install a threaded clean out on the other end. Fill the pipe with money, ammunition, food, and whatever else you think you might need in a SHTF situation, then bury it. Your PVC cache will keep all of your items dry and ready for use. Just be sure to mark the location so you know where it is if you ever need it.

3. Make a water collection/storage device

pvc water wos

Making this PVC survival project is basically the same as making a cache except instead of burying your creation, you use it to dip water and store it until it's needed.

4. Make a pump

pvc pump wox

This project is a little trickier than some of these PVC survival projects, but you'll come away with a handy tool that can be used to inflate tires or syphon fuel for your vehicle. It can also be used to pump water from a natural source or a manmade well.

5. Make a boat

pvc boat wos

Whether you need to cross a large body of water or the fishing is just better farther out, a boat can come in real handy in a survival situation.

By attaching a couple of large diameter sections of PVC pipe with caps installed on both ends to a platform, you can make a pretty sweet boat that can be equipped with oars or a trolling or outboard motor.

6. Make a shelter

pvc shelter wos

PVC pipe can be used as a framework for a shelter. Once again this project can be as basic or elaborate as you like. Install pegs in the ground and bend a series of small diameter PVC pipes over them to create a hoop style structure or use larger diameter pipes and fittings to create a frame similar to a wall tent.

The possibilities are limited only by your ingenuity.

7. Make a fishing pole

pvc fishing rod wos

Tie a fishing line to the end of a PVC pipe and you have a makeshift pole. You can also use capped sections of pipe as buoys for set lines or simply wrap your line around the pipe and roll to reel in or release line.

By using these seven PVC survival projects, you'll be able to safely store valuables, protect yourself, collect your own food and water, and keep a roof over your family's heads, even in a SHTF situation. Get yourself some pipe and start building.


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7 DIY PVC Survival Projects That Will Keep You Alive and Well