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7 Deer Hunting Tips for the Novice Hunter

Here are seven tips every novice hunter should know about.

Getting ready to head out on your first big game hunt this year? Make sure you know about these tips before you go.

1. Get the right license.

Before you go out deer hunting, you’ll need to go get a big game hunting license as well as an additional deer management permit for your area. To take a buck, you need the regular license. To take a doe, you need the deer management permit. Be familiar with the wildlife management units in your region.

2. Prepare your gun.

You’ll need to get your firearm sighted in and cleaned before the first hunt. Practice makes perfect, or almost, so shooting ahead of time will make sure you don’t miss great opportunities when they show up out in the field. Shooting ahead of time will allow you to make sure the gun is firing correctly.


3. Practice gun safety.

When you possess a firearm, it is your responsibility to stay safe and practice gun safety. Start by always assuming a gun is loaded. Always control the muzzle and watch where you point the gun. Only touch the trigger when it is time to shoot. Aim for your target, but also be aware of the target’s surroundings.

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4. Plan your location.

When planning your location, you have three options. You can ask landowners for permission to hunt on their land, hunt on public lands, or tag along with friends who already have permission to hunt on private land.

Heading out without a plan will only lead to failure, possibly breaking the law, and possible injury. A knowledgeable hunter has already chosen a specific location and has studied the animals activities there for a while to ensure an effective use of time.

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5. Prepare your attire.

Make sure you have clothing that will be appropriate for the weather. Make yourself a supply checklist that you can quickly go through on opening day. Don’t forget to include a map of the area and water.

Also be prepared to carry your hunting license and ID at all times and make sure your garb includes blaze orange.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

6. Be educated.

Understand tagging and reporting procedures for big game. Also, learn about and abide by laws about transporting your firearm or bow in motor vehicles. Find out the correct information for yourself and don’t rely on hearsay.

7. Don’t push yourself.

Exhaustion can be deadly. When you are tired, you are more likely to make mistakes and put yourself and others in danger. Better to underestimate your conditioning than to over estimate it and mess up.

Consider taking a friend with you so you can help each other out in case of an emergency. Always let a relative or friend know where you are headed and when you plan on returning.

We wish each and every one of you success this hunting season. Stay safe!

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7 Deer Hunting Tips for the Novice Hunter