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7 Deer Hunting Blogs You Should Be Reading

Even though the season is through, these deer hunting blogs will keep you informed and enthusiastic all spring and summer.


For many of us, the wealth of deer hunting blogs available on the web probably provides the majority of our reading material. From articles we read over breakfast to lists we consume on our smartphones while waiting for trains or killing a few spare moments at work, deer hunting blogs provide a wealth of interesting and informative content for the best price possible: free. In fact, deer hunting blogs can provide the sort of tips, tricks, strategies, gear recommendations, and other resources that help us to improve ourselves as hunters.

Given this success and widespread approval for deer hunting blogs, it’s hardly surprising that more and more of them seem to spring up every year. If you’re working on compiling a hunting blog reading list for your laptop or smartphone browser, first of all, don’t forget to put Wide Open Spaces on the list. And secondly, consider these seven other blogs as some of the best that the web has to offer.

Wired to Hunt

When you go to visit Wired to Hunt, the first thing you will see on the blog is a banner touting the site as a resource for “deer hunting news, stories, and strategies for the next generation of hunters.” In other words, this blog is targeting a younger audience than perhaps many of the other blogs on this list, an audience tapped into the latest technology trends. It’s fitting, then, that Wired to Hunt has one of the most attractive interfaces of any hunting resource on the web. It’s laid out like you would expect a blog to be, but it has its own very distinct visual flare, between the banner photos it uses for each post to the rustic background visible on either side of the page. These qualities subconsciously posit Wired to Hunt as a credible 21st century blog, and the content absolutely follows suit, offering gear reviews, “how to” guides, enlightening essays, and more. Editor Mark Kenyon even puts together weekly “Friday Morning Mashups” that link to some of the best hunting-related blog posts of the past week, making Wired to Hunt the perfect place to go to discover new resources.

Outdoor Life’s Big Buck Zone

Outdoor Life is one of the biggest names in hunting and fishing sports, so it only makes sense that their deer hunting blog – called the “Big Buck Zone” would be a reading list essential. Where Wired to Hunt makes a point of keeping content flowing at all times of the year, Big Buck Zone definitely slows down a bit in the off-season. However, even when this blog isn’t dropping posts every day, it’s still worth visiting frequently for when it does publish new content. From hunting strategies to essays about the state of the deer hunting sport – and even to fun contests that boost reader engagement – Big Buck Life’s content is never sub-par.

Field & Stream’s Whitetail 365

Outdoor Life and Field & Stream are very comparable outlets. Both are sprawling resources that cover every realm of outdoor sporting, from hunting to fishing to camping, both have similar blog layouts, and both have blog segments devoted to the various disciplines they cover. It makes sense then that Field & Stream’s Whitetail 365, the Field & Stream deer hunting blog, is one of the most indispensible sources of hunting-related content on the web. Like Outdoor Life’s Big Buck Zone, Whitetail 365 is a blog that pretty much covers all the bases you could hope for, including helpful content about gear, deer hunting strategies, and conservation or management trends, as well as probably the highest frequency of contests and giveaways of any hunting blog.

The Big Game Hunting Blog

The Big Game Hunting Blog is a great hunting resource operated by John McAdams, who is also one of the Senior Writers here at Wide Open Spaces. The Big Game Hunting Blog provides a ton of useful information on deer hunting, especially deer hunting with a muzzleloader. If you’re interested in hunting with a muzzleloader but don’t know where to start, you should definitely check out this blog. Additionally, while John is first and foremost a deer hunter, his blog also has a lot of interesting information on hunting other species of big game in North America and Africa including feral hogs, black bear, and a wide variety of African plains and dangerous game.

Wired Outdoors

This one might be a stretch for this list – since it is “deer hunting blogs you should be reading” – but Wired Outdoors, which offers a sizable library of hunting-related “video blogs” via its “Wired TV” division, is still a valuable resource to have on your radar. If you consider yourself a visual learner, but still want to take advantage of the great content offered by hunting bloggers, Wired Outdoors may well become your most visited website. After all, it can sometimes be difficult to envision the different strategies and concepts discussed in hunting blogs, and a video that not only explains those concepts, but which also shows them, is a good thing to have in your arsenal.

Sole Adventure

Sole Adventure is a blog that covers a wide range of solitary outdoor activities, from camping and hiking to hunting. Above all though, Sole Adventure is a blog for bowhunters. The blog provides a slew of great tips on how to get the most out of your compound bow, and articles range from very technical discussions of different bow terms to enjoyable essays about what it minds to find success (and failure) as a hunter.

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

If you are all about big bucks, stunning antler displays, behemoth taxidermy mounts, and trade shows that cover all of the above, Deer Hunting Big Bucks is the blog for you. This blog isn’t just about preserving or showboating trophies, though. On the contrary, Deer Hunting Big Bucks can provide you with a wealth of information on how to land a big buck, with tips on camouflage patterns, updates on the diseases currently affecting deer herds throughout the nation, and more.

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