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7 Crazy Awesome Weapons You Can Shoot at This Ranch in Texas

Believe it or not, you can actually shoot each and every one of these awesome weapons.

We all have that bit of history buff in us, and if we’re at all into guns, the weapons used by war forces around the globe during the biggest battles of their eras flat out fascinate us. That’s why there’s a whole YouTube channel on Forgotten Weapons, and why some of our favorite weapons are classics with a story.

So really, what would it be like to take a real front row seat for a history lesson that lets you get up close and personal with the tanks, guns, and big machinery we see in the books and documentaries?

Well, there’s a place where you actually can drive the incredible tanks and guns that are everywhere in our nation’s military history. If you really want to drive a tank, head to Uvalde, Texas, where you’ll find plenty of firepower to keep you fulfilled in your tank driving and machine gun shooting needs at Ox Ranch.

It’s the first instance in history that civilians, regular folks like you and me, can drive and shoot real tanks and fire real artillery. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

The living military museum at Ox Ranch is full of incredible motorized weaponry that’s just begging to be used. Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to historic battlefields? That’s nothing on actually driving these fully functioning machines through the modified tank course, where the heavy guns are ready to be loaded and fired for anyone with an itchy trigger finger.

Here are just seven of the insanely cool weapons you can drive, steer, and shoot when you reserve an experience at

1. Sherman Tank

Sherman Flame pic

A late war version of the iconic Sherman tank featuring a more powerful main gun, thicker armor, and a better suspension.


Recognize this? It’s the same model as featured in the movie ?Fury? starring Brad Pitt.


To sweeten the package, it’s the only fully functional Sherman E8 left in the world!

2. U.S. M2A1 Light Howitzer


The workhorse of towed American field artillery during the 2nd Word War, the M2A1 fired a 105mm shell either indirectly or directly.

105 mm howitzer group

It was so effective that it also saw use in Korea and Vietnam. A real crowd pleaser, this gun offers the most bang for your buck.

3. Russian T-34/85 Medium Tank


The premier Soviet late war tank. The T-34 was the mainstay of their armored forces, with the T-34/85 version outfitted with a larger gun. Our tank saw action in 1945 on the Eastern Front during the drive to capture Berlin. Typical Russian technology that was rough, tough, and worked good enough.

4. U.S. M1 81mm Mortar

giraffe 81mm

The M1 mortar was based on a French design from the 1st World War, and became the standard American mortar of the 2nd World War. With a maximum range of 3,300 yards, it was capable of indirectly firing up to 35 rounds per minute. While not being easily carried, it was often transported on a cart or in a vehicle.

5.  German 7.5cm Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun


First used in 1942, it quickly became their primary anti-tank gun till the end of the war. Though it was effective against the majority of the armor used by the Allies, its size and weight made it difficult to maneuver.

Pak-40 firing

Our PAK 40 is the only fully functional one in the world and is truly a blast to shoot.

6. M2 Machine Gun (.50 BMG)


John Browning?s iconic heavy machine gun was first fielded in 1933 and is still in service with today’s U.S. military.


Nicknamed the ?Ma Deuce? this battlefield beast was capable direct or indirect fire.

7. M9 Vietnam-Era Flame Thrower

M9 Flame Thrower

The flame thrower is one of the most feared weapons of war that has ever been wielded by man. The concept of controllable flame in battle was first realize by the Greeks in the 1st Century A.D. However, modern flame throwers were really invented by the Germans and used In the trench warfare of WW1. The U.S. used the flame throwers with more frequency in WW2 and thereafter. The U.S. Retired the flame thrower from its weapon inventory after the Vietnam war. It was actually banned at the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in Geneva. Our Vietnam era flame thrower has the capability to shoot a flame out to 260 ft. That?s almost as long as a football field. It is a man handheld inferno!

Be sure to check out and learn how simple it is to book an experience firing off some awesome pieces of history. This isn’t just an adventure for you, but one for the whole family to learn about military history in a hands-on experience.


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7 Crazy Awesome Weapons You Can Shoot at This Ranch in Texas