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7 Cool Camping Tricks for the Young, Old, and Not So Bold! [PICS]

Here are 7 crazy camping tricks that may just save the weekend!

Ever had trouble starting a fire? Finding a charcoal grill? Using the (lack of) facilities in the wilderness? This isn’t the Stone Age, ya’ll.

Unless you really like roughing it, there are plenty of cheap and easy shortcuts so that you can focus on family, friends, and fun. And if the menfolk don’t care for this much, I bet the ladyfolk and kidfolk will! Check out these cool tricks:

Portable Charcoal Grill

Simply put your charcoal into a cardboard egg carton, light it up, and get the party started!

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

All you need is a handy dandy milk crate, a cheap old bucket, and a toilet seat from Walmart ($9.99).


Tin foil beats duct tape…sometimes.

Who needs pots and pans? These recipes are easy to make, with an even easier cleanup. You can cook just about anything in tin foil. Find some cool tin foil recipes from Hick Country.

tin foil

No coffee maker? No Starbucks? No problem!

Just throw your coffee in a filter, tie it tight with dental floss, and dip it in your hot water just like a teabag. Ahhhhh.


Bet you never thought your rake could do this!

Cook hot dogs and more with a (CLEAN) rake.

rakeQuick and Dirty Fire Starters

Save your matches by coating a cotton ball in Vaseline. Next try wrapping the cotton in a piece of tin foil. When you’re ready, simply cut an X in the foil, pull a little cotton out, twist and light it right up! Soup’s on! (Lasts about 10 minutes).


Mini Tiki Lanterns

These are the coolest AND the warmest. Romantic, too… Just take an empty Altoids tin, fill it full of cardboard folded up, then sprinkle wax on top. Perfect evening: ready, set, go!


What are you waiting for? The trails are calling and these tips and tricks are begging to be tested!

All images via the Matador Network

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7 Cool Camping Tricks for the Young, Old, and Not So Bold! [PICS]