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7 Big Ticket Items to Purchase with Your Outdoor Gift Card


Can’t figure out what to spend that brand new outdoor gift card on? Check out these seven big ticket items that you definitely need to consider.

Let’s face the facts, that brand new outdoor gift card that you just received is burning a hole in your pocket. You’re dying to use it, but want to make sure that you spend it on the right thing. Whether you’re a bowhunter, angler or a backpacker, I’ve got you covered with these seven items to spend your outdoor gift card on.

1. 2016 Yamaha Viking EPS Side by Side

yamaha, yamaha viking, ideas for outdoor gift cards
Yamaha Motorsports

Side by sides are all the latest craze in the all terrain vehicle market and for good reason. They’re able to carry more gear, more passengers and have a ton of power. The 2016 Yamaha Viking EPS is everything you’ll want and more when traveling into the backwoods. Fully equipped with a liquid cooled 686cc 4-stroke engine, the 2016 Viking EPS comes rolling out of the box with plenty of power to get you to your final destination without question.

With a heavy bed capacity of up to 600 pounds, this machine is designed to work and carry all of your gear, unlike some of the competition. Also, switching between 2- and 4-wheel drive couldn’t be easier due to the Viking’s OnCommand system, which allows you to change on the fly. Because all of your friends will want to ride along with you, Yamaha’s included comfortable seating for three riders on the 2016 Viking. Ride on.

2. Ranch King’s N-Ground Blind

Ranch King Blinds, ideas for outdoor gift cards
Ranch King Blinds

Finally, a seriously spacious ground blind for bowhunters! Ranch King’s N-Ground blind is designed to keep the overall height of the blind to a minimum 38 inches, as the lower half sits underground.

With its 6×6 shape, be confident that once the blind is placed in your favorite hunting location, drawing back your bow will be hassle-free and taking a shot out of one of the seven windows will give you plenty of options. Don’t take a chance of being busted drawing back in one of those tight popup blinds ever again!

3. Mathews No Cam HTX

Mathews No Cam HTX, Mathews Inc, Mathews archery, ideas for outdoor gift cards
Mathews Inc.

One of the hottest new bows on the market in 2016 is the Mathews No Cam HTX. Though this bow has an impressive weight of under 4 pounds, what sets it apart from the rest of the pack is the revolutionary No Cam ST Technology. This technology replaces the cams with two concentric wheels that creates an extremely smooth draw cycle.

In addition to being smooth to draw back, the No Cam HTX keeps the string at the same radius from the center of rotation on every single draw cycle, something that a bow with a traditional cam could never do. If you want to experience one of the best shooting bows around, then take the Mathews No Cam HTX out for a test shoot.

4. Browning Maxus Shotgun

Browning, Maxus, ideas for outdoor gift cards

Serious waterfowl, upland and turkey hunters can attest to hunting in weather conditions that are less than ideal.  In order to meet these demanding conditions, you need a workhorse of a shotgun and that workhorse would be called the Browning Maxus.

With a chamber capable of handling 3 1/2 shells and the Power Drive Gas System, the Maxus is the only shotgun that you’ll need to take every bird you hunt without worrying about the gun cycling a variety of loads. When compared to the competition, the Maxus has 18 percent less felt recoil and a bolt speed that operates 19% faster, giving you a soft kicking bird gun with a far less muzzle jump.

5. Shimano BeastMaster Electric Reel

shimano, fishing reels, ideas for outdoor gift cards

Offshore anglers who are deep dropping for monster fish know that having a dependable electric reel is simply the only way to operate. Fortunately, Shimano has heard those concerns and has answered them with the BeastMaster 9000 electric reel.

Assembled with a brushless Gigamax motor, the BeastMaster 9000 retrieves an impressive 35 inches per crank, which gets your fish and lure up to the surface in a hurry. Don’t worry about getting spooled again, because this reel comes with a standard 55-pound drag system, which can help to put the brakes on that runaway grouper. If you’re in the market for a new electric off-shore reel, look no further.

6. Big Agnes Krumholtz UL2 Tent with mtnGLO™

Big Agnes Tents, ideas for outdoor gift cards
Big Agnes

When you’re out in the backcountry, having a lightweight tent that can withstand tough weather conditions is a real necessity. The Krumholtz UL2 tent with MtnGlo from Big Agnes does not only weigh less than 5 pounds packed, but also comes equipped with some nifty additional gadgets. The Krumholtz UL2 comes with a fully integrated Goal Zero Solar technology system, which includes a fan, lantern and Flip 20 battery.

If that wasn’t already cool enough, this tent has mtnGlo, which includes an LED light strand, solar powered fan and USB/12V charging station. Combining all of this useful technology with a lightweight backpacking tent will make you the envy of everyone on the mountainside.

7. Jackson Kayak Big Rig Pro

Jackson kayak, jackson big rig, ideas for outdoor gift cards
Jackson Kayak

Once upon a time it was okay to use your backyard kayak to fish.  Now-a-days, serious kayak anglers require a vessel that’s designed for one thing: catching tons of fish. The folks at Jackson Kayak know all about designing kayaks for the most demanding fishing conditions and have created the Jackson Big Rig Pro to answer the call.

As the name suggests, the Big Rig Pro is a beast on the water. With a 37-inch width, the Big Rig Pro is as stable as they come for anglers who want to stand while battling fish. Equipped with a Raymarine Dragonfly 7 fish finder, a Power-pole Micro Anchor and a Jackson Kayak JKrate, this boat is maxed out with all the right gear and ready to rock out on the water.

Take your time and do some research before cashing in your outdoor gift card on a new piece of gear. Remember that now is the time to take advantage of end-of-season sales and to get your hands on the 2016 versions. Good luck with your new gear!


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7 Big Ticket Items to Purchase with Your Outdoor Gift Card