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7 of the Best Turkey Hunting Vests for the Money

These turkey hunting vests will give you the biggest bang without spending too many bucks.


A hunter’s arsenal of gear is somewhat of a revolving door of old standbys and new purchases, which is to say that replacing your gear is something that comes in waves. Every season, you buy something new, be it a pair of books, a rifle, or a rangefinder, and every season, one of your older pieces of gear slips finally into the “retirement” pile.

This spring, if this never-ending cycle has left you looking for a new vest for turkey hunting, you’ve come to the right place. In the following pages, we’ve compiled seven of our favorite turkey vests on the market, from brand new market additions to longtime staples and from budget-conscious choices to vests that are a bit more expensive.

Redhead Striker Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The name of the game with the Redhead Striker is storage and easy accessibility. This wonderful and well-proven turkey hunting vest gives you a slew of different compartments, pockets, and pouches, perfect for keeping your calls safe and silent while you wind your way through the woods and fields of your choice turkey property. The vest also includes a number of interior accessory pockets, an adjustable game or decoy bag, and memory foam padding in the back, seat, and straps to provide as much comfort as possible.

Ol’ Tom Dura-Lite Performance Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The Ol’ Tom Dura-Lite Performance turkey hunting vest is basically the Swiss Army knife of turkey vests. It has virtually every feature you could ever expect in a turkey hunting vest. It has pockets and pouches for every call a turkey hunter could ever have in his or her arsenal. It has a pouch for your water bottle. It has a thick, padded seat. It has a decoy bag, a blood-proof game bag, and a blaze orange flag. It has striker sleeves and a gun cradle. It has other features of padding and mesh design that we could list for days. It also has a price tag of $159.99 – a steeper expense than many other vests out there – but if you are looking for a vest that has everything, this might be the one for you.

Cabela’s Minimalist Turkey Vest

Photo via

Perhaps the complete opposite to the all-inclusive Ol’ Tom Dura-Lite Performance Vest listed a few pages back; Cabela’s Minimalist Turkey Vest condenses years of experience from one of the most trusted hunting vendors on the planet into a simple, no-fuss turkey vest design. If your prefer to travel light on your turkey hunts – or if you’re heading out into particularly hot weather and don’t feel like carrying your most heavily-padded vest – the Cabela’s Minimalist might just be the perfect option for you. It’s still got comfortable shoulder straps, a blood-proof game bag, and a few pockets for your phone, your water bottle, and a handful of calls. For the most part though, this vest is for hunters who know that you don’t need to take everything you own into the hunt with you.

Walmart Tactical Run-n-Gun Turkey Vest

Photo via

If you are looking for a vest that bears similarly stellar design to the ones listed above, but which can be had for less than $40, look no further than this surprisingly sturdy and well-made Walmart vest. If you think only hunting-specific brands can deliver high-quality hunting products, think again. This vest includes a range of different pockets and can handle all of the storage you need it to. It’s also got a reasonably comfortable seat, a nice stain-proof game bag, and a design that can handle wear and tear quite well. In other words, it’s got the vast majority of the same features as many of the vests on this list…and for a fraction of the price, no less.

Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest is almost worth trying out just for the hilarious brand name alone. Ultimately, it’s the sheer level of padding and comfort afforded by this vest that earns it a slot on this list. It doesn’t have as many pockets or pouches as a few of the other vests we’ve talked about – though it will still have plenty for most hunters’ uses – but it’s arguably the most comfortable of the bunch. The comfort extends beyond the padding and to the mesh back, which will help you keep cool one warm and sunny spring hunts.

Primos Gobbler Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Primos is one of the biggest names in animal calls, and that reputation certainly expands to the company’s expansive selection of turkey calls. With that in mind, it only makes sense that Primos would want to get a foot in the turkey vest market, and their Gobbler Vest is a commendable effort at doing just that. Like the Redhead Striker, the Primos Gobbler Vest is all about the storage, with pouches and pockets galore for anything and everything you could want to carry into the field with you. It also takes a leaf out of the Lounger’s product manual, providing a detachable seat for when you simply need to take a rest or try a different shooting position.

Redhead Lounger Vest

Photo via Redhead Lounger

If you like the general design of the Redhead Striker, but want a few more “special features,” the Redhead Lounger is a turkey vest worth considering. The definitive quality of the Longer is that it folds out into a comfortable lawn chair of sorts, with backrest and all. Beyond the chair – which touts comfortable sitting and “excellent shooting position” – the Redhead Lounger has a lot of the same qualities as the Striker, from the mesh box call pockets to the padded shoulder straps to the game bag. It’s $30 more than the Striker, but you won’t find a more portable shooting chair anywhere – let alone in your turkey vest itself.

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