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7 Best Deer Hunting Magazines To Subscribe To

What are the best deer hunting magazines?


Okay, it's more or less common knowledge that most forms of print media are on their way out, and that both newspapers and magazines are in the process of transitioning their brands over to the Internet realm.

With that said though, we still think there's something incredibly exciting about actually getting a deer hunting magazine in the mail every months and flipping through the articles and photos.

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If you've been looking to do your part in keeping printed deer magazines alive, here are seven terrific publications you should consider grabbing a subscription for.

View the slideshow for our top seven choices, and add your own in the comments.

1. Field & Stream 

The top three magazines on this list are publications that also managed to land real estate on our list of seven great hunting blogs last month, which goes to show that all three of them are doing a pretty good job with adjusting from print subscriber base to online following.

Perhaps at the top of the pack is Field & Stream, which has been in circulation since 1895 and which still maintains a readership of about a million magazine readers.

If you're a die-hard outdoor sportsman, chances are pretty good that you already subscribe to Field & Stream, but if not, the in-depth deer hunting articles should win you over. The magazine isn't just about whitetails either: throughout the year, coverage follows the seasonal outdoor sporting trends, from bird hunting and bass fishing to bear hunting and ice fishing.

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2. Outdoor Life 

In addition to all maintaining stellar blog presences online, the top three magazines on this list also have another important factor in common: all three offer subscriptions on a 12 issues per year basis. As print media has begun to falter over the past decade or so, many magazines have scaled back to bi-monthly or quarterly publication schedules.

Not true for the likes of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, which is another essential magazine for any true outdoor sportsman. Funnily enough, Outdoor Life is actually a sister publication to Field & Stream, and both have similar hunting and fishing content without ever becoming redundant of one another.

Over its history, Outdoor Life has been especially notable as a source for engrossing adventure writing and for editorial content that fights back against anti-hunting groups.

3. Deer and Deer Hunting 

The third of our magazine-blog crossovers, Deer and Deer Hunting differs from Field & Stream and Outdoor Life in the fact that it specifically focuses on the subject of deer hunting. If you want to be reading about the most topical outdoor sports at any given time of year, then one of the two publications previously listed is probably the best hunting magazine for you.

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On the other hand, if you are one of those guys who spends all year thinking about deer hunting strategies, habitat management, or herd behavior, then this magazine's exhaustive monthly content needs to be on your reading list. Deer and Deer Hunting is also a great place to turn to find out more about the history of our sport, or to read thoughtful essays about the ethics of hunting.

4. Sports Afield 

Along with Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, Sports Afield is considered one of the "big three" magazines in the American outdoor sports publication circuit.

We personally like Deer and Deer Hunting a little more, simply for its unending dedication to, well, deer hunting, but that's not to put a damper on the amazing accomplishments of Sports Afield.

The most notable thing about this publication is the fact that it's been being published for even longer than Field & Stream, with its first issue dating back to January 1888. That date makes Sports Afield - as Wikipedia notes - "the oldest continuously published outdoor magazine in North America." In that time, Sports Afield has rarely disappointed, delivering stunning articles meant for big game hunting enthusiasts, and developing a concept that focuses primarily on highlighting different hunting destinations.

The magazine only publishes six issues a year, but each one is completely worth the wait if you're a hunting obsessive.

5. North American Whitetail 

Like Deer and Deer Hunting, the big appeal with North American Whitetail is its focus on a singular outdoor sporting topic: whitetail deer hunting.

At eight issues a year, North American Whitetail maintains one of the more unorthodox publication schedules of any outdoor magazine, but when it arrives in the mailbox, you'll be glad to have its up-to-the-minute coverage on all things deer hunting, from news stories to tips for landing more bucks and cultivating a superior whitetail habitat.

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6. Bowhunting 

Bowhunting offers a 10-issue-per-year subscription, with each issue crammed full of articles discussing tips, tactics, tests, techniques, tools, and equipment standards that you can use to become a better shooter.

If archery is your taste while deer hunting, then this magazine absolutely needs to be in your bathroom rack or on your coffee table.

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7. Cabela's Outdoor Journal 

Many hunters simply assume that Cabela's Outdoor Journal is no more than a product catalog for the titular outdoor retailer, but that simply isn't the case. On the contrary, Cabela's Outdoor Journal routinely features work from some of the best outdoor sports writers in the world, providing a wonderful display for stirring and entertaining adventure stories, educational tips and tactics articles, and much more.

Given the source, there's unsurprisingly a good deal of real estate devoted to highlighting new gear, making Cabela's Outdoor Journal one of the best publications to pick up a subscription with if you are looking to build a spring shopping list or a holiday wish list.

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