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7 Best Cities for Gun Owners

These seven cities have the lowest crime in all of the U.S. thanks to gun-friendly laws. 

When cities boast gun-friendly laws, they see less crime overall.

How can that be? We're told that firearms are evil tools with a mind of their own. Nevertheless, facts thankfully trump misinformation.

Looking to relocate to a city that prides itself in gun rights? Here are seven cities to look into if considering a change of firearms scenery:

Kennesaw, Georgia

Perhaps the most gun-friendly city in all of the United States, Kennesaw has garnered a lot of attention for passing a law making it mandatory for heads of households to own at least one firearm.

The law was passed to "protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants." It was enacted 1982 and ever since, the town has seen little to no crime. Other cities have used Kennesaw as an example when considering similar laws.

Nucla, Colorado

In May 2013, the city of Nucla in Colorado became the first city in the state to mandate gun ownership. Citing its Wild West roots, Nucla passed the Home Protection Ordinance  "in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the town and its inhabitants." It was passed with a vote of 5-1.

Nelson, Georgia

In April 2013, the town of Nelson in Georgia unanimously passed an ordinance making gun ownership mandatory. Located 50 miles north of Atlanta, Nelson's City Council passed the ordinance by a 5-0 vote. However, Nelson residents who don't wish to own guns aren't penalized. Here's more about it:

Residents of the town, which covers about 2.5 square miles and is about 50 miles north of Atlanta, can opt out of the ordinance if they have "personal objections" to gun ownership, according to the council's meeting records.

The measure also exempts convicted felons, those who can't afford to own a gun, and those who suffer from certain physical or mental disabilities.

Sabattus, Maine

A retired police officer in Sabattus, Maine, previously pushed for a citywide ordinance encouraging gun ownership in May 2013. David Marsters, 68, said a gun in each Sabbatus home " would provide and protect safety of the city."

He also drew inspiration for such an ordinance from Kennesaw, Georgia, citing the reduction in overall crime since the law was first introduced in 1982.

Gun Barrel City, Texas

No better name for a gun-friendly city than Gun Barrel, no? Located 55 miles southeast of Dallas, Gun Barrel City's city council unanimously passed a non-binding resolution in May 2013 encouraging its 5,000 residents to purchase firearms if they didn't already have any.

Why? To show their support for the Second Amendment. Here's more about the non-binding ordinance that passed:

In order to provide for and protect the safety, security, and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, the city supports every head of household residing in the city limits to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition.

Spring City, Utah

Following the Sandy Hook massacre, the city of Spring City in Utah initially considered a mandatory ordinance requiring everyone to own guns but amended it to encourage residents to own a gun and go through proper training.

Citing the 1982 Kennesaw law, city councilman Neil Sorensen wanted to see a similar law passed in his town.

"I think it's a good statement," Sorensen said. "We believe in our Second Amendment right to carry guns."

Virgin, Utah

The city of Virgin boasts a population of nearly 600 today, with roughly 95% of its residents owning firearms. Noting this, the city council passed an ordinance making firearms ownership mandatory for all residents in 2000. Their mayor at the time encouraged this move citing limited opposition to expanding gun rights.

There are countless other cities in the United States that welcome firearms, although not in the degree that these seven cities do. Given what's going on domestically and abroad, let's hope more city council approve ordinances permitting greater gun rights for their residents.


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7 Best Cities for Gun Owners