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7 Basic Knots Everyone Should Know [VIDEO]

The right knot in the right situation can make your life easier and maybe even save your life.

Every outdoors aficionado worth his or her salt knows at least a handful of basic, practical, and common knots. There’s a reason why the Boy Scouts of America still considers knot-tying knowledge and skill worthy of merit badges.

Seamen, climbers, outfitters, cowboys, and just about anyone who makes their living in the great outdoors know the value of the right knot for any situation.

The Art of Manliness demonstrates seven basic knots you should know.

Whether you’re erecting a tarp shelter, tethering one line to another, securing animals or equipment, or countless other outdoor tasks, you can find a different knot to do the job. Some knots are designed to be rock solid, others are movable, and still others can be quickly and easily undone.

According to Low-Tech Magazine, “Ropes and knots are among the most ancient and useful technologies ever developed by man, predating the wheel, the axe and probably also the use of fire. …it is hard to find any important technology developed over the last 250,000 years that did not, in some way, make use of ropes and knots. Starting in prehistoric times, they were used for hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, carrying, lifting and climbing.”

Becoming a knot-tying expert is a relatively easy skill to acquire. All you really need is simple repetition. You might be surprised at how little practice is required before you are able to tie each of these seven knots without even thinking about it.

After all, you probably tie your shoes in a fairly complex knot every day without so much as a thought.

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7 Basic Knots Everyone Should Know [VIDEO]