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7 Animals To Hunt In Ohio

Ohio is one of the biggest hunting states in the country, and whether you are after big game animals or small birds, the area has plenty of creatures to satisfy your hunting needs. Below, we’ve picked out some of the prime game animals to hunt in Ohio. Different land areas have different rules about what sorts of game hunters are and are not allowed to kill, so make sure to double check the guidelines if you already had a spot in mind for your next destination hunting trip.

1. Whitetail Deer

Regardless of state, no hunter will ever leave whitetail deer off the least of best hunting game, and in Ohio, that counts for double. Widely regarded as one of the best states in the union for deer hunting, Ohio plays host to more trophy bucks than you can shake a stick at. Pick out one of the many public forest areas or private guided hunts offered throughout the state and have fun.

Animals-Ohio--deerPhoto via Hunting Top 10

2. Feral Pigs

If your Ohio hunting desires steer you toward big game, but you want to go after something a bit more exotic than the commonplace whitetail deer, then wild boar and feral pigs may be just the ticket. Many landowners offering private deer hunts – farmers especially – will throw in a bag limit for feral pigs as well, just in an effort to reduce burgeoning populations. In other words, if you are going to Ohio to hunt deer, you can expect to take aim at a few feral pigs.

Animals-Ohio--feral-pigPhoto via Oregon Live

3. Foxes or Coyotes

Small game animals like foxes or coyotes are prevalent in Ohio, so much so that the state maintains slightly more lax hunting regulations for them than other states. Foxes have a defined season, but coyotes are fair game all year. Ohio also offers a small game season for youth hunters, a perfect chance to get your kids started on the hunting hobby.

Animals-Ohio--coyotesPhoto via Ohio Hunting Properties

4. Doves

If a more relaxing Ohioan hunting experience is what you are after, then small game is the answer. One of Ohio’s finest small game hunting pursuits is dove hunting. Regulations on dove hunting are relatively lax – you can hunt doves from sunrise to sunset – and Ohio does a good job of mapping out dove areas or leading controlled dove hunts in prime areas.

Animals-Ohio--dovesPhoto via Ohio Hunting Properties

5. Squirrels

Deer hunting is the way to go if you are looking for quality and size, but you can’t beat the sheer quantity of game you can bag while squirrel hunting in Ohio. The state has a bag limit of six squirrels per day, so head out to see how close to that you can get. At very least, squirrel hunting is a solid opportunity for target practice.

Animals-Ohio--squirrelPhoto via Ohio Department of Natural Resources

6. Turkey:

With Thanksgiving drawing near, going after a turkey or two on one of your Ohio hunts may not be a bad idea. The midwest is crawling with large and distinctive wild turkeys, and Ohio is no different.

Animals-Ohio--turkeyPhoto via Ohio Department of Natural Resources

7. Pheasant:

The Ohio Division of Wildlife periodically releases pheasants into the wild each fall to facilitate small game hunting pursuits. You will need to check with the Division of Wildlife or the DNR to make sure of the dates, but one of them is always Thanksgiving Day.

Animals-Ohio--pheseantPhoto via

Note: A previous version of this article claimed fox season in Ohio was year round. There is in fact a defined season for fox hunting in Ohio, visit the state’s Department of Natural Resources website for more information.

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7 Animals To Hunt In Ohio