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67-Year-Old Woman Thwarts Polar Bear Attack with Mittens

The next time you are in the middle of a polar bear attack, hopefully you have some mittens.

Natuk Paniyuk, 67, was with her husband, Mark Paniyuk, 71, both native Inuits, walking down to a nearby lake to get some water outside of Coral Harbour, Nunavut, way up in Canada where polar bears live.

While getting that water, Natuk looked up and saw she was being stalked by a polar bear.

Only known photo of Natuk Paniyuk via Facebook/Kidlapik Nakoolak

"I looked again and there it was standing, growling, with its mouth wide open," Natuk said. "I yelled and it was so close I could see the teeth."

As the story continued, she then ran to her husband, who defended them both from the impeading polar bear attack with a pocket knife. He kept trying to get close enough to stab the polar bear, but it kept moving out of the way.

Photo of Mark Paniyuk via
Photo of Mark Paniyuk via Facebook/Kidlapik Nakoolak

It was a this point, Natuk threw her mittens at the bear, missing it entirely, but creating a diversion causing the bear to chase after the mittens as they sailed by its head. This accidental, or possibly intentional action, created enough space for the couple to gather a handful of rocks so they could pelt the animal, keeping it at bay long enough for them to reach their truck.

Once at the truck, the couple grabbed a shotgun and began firing at the bear, only to watch it run off mostly unscathed.

After a story like that, Canada can keep their polar bears. And on second thought, that man fought off a polar bear with a pocket knife! I don't care who you are. That's a man right there.


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67-Year-Old Woman Thwarts Polar Bear Attack with Mittens