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This Is What a $60,000 Koi Fish Looks Like [VIDEO]

If you have an extra $60,000 lying around, you would be able to buy this koi fish. You read that right…one koi fish.

They are into some pretty wacky stuff over in Japan, but anglers may think their fascination with koi fish is one of the strangest. Koi fish breeding and raising is incredibly popular in Japan. They have massive shows, similar to dog shows here in the States, where the best fish compete to be Grand Champion of the show.

There is a lot of criteria that goes into judging a champion koi fish and this video explains why the particular koi fish is worth the hefty sum of $60,000. The information presented in the video is actually pretty interesting and it is worth watching all the way through.

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It may be hard for some anglers to believe that koi fish are so highly regarded in Japan. The entire carp family receives a lot of negative attention in the United States for their invasive nature. Carp in the United States are generally thought of as trash fish and only targeted by a small demographic of anglers nationwide, often via bow fishing.

However, the Japanese koi fish enthusiasts would probably think that we are just as crazy for spending so much money on fishing gear and trips. Especially for catch and release anglers who simply let their fish go after landing them.

All I know is that a koi fish is not going to be on my Christmas list anytime soon. How about you?


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This Is What a $60,000 Koi Fish Looks Like [VIDEO]