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600-Yard Painstakingly Slow, Crawling Stalk to Bedded Caribou Bull [VIDEO]

Donnie Vincent makes a painstakingly slow, crawling stalk over 600 yards of wet, boggy tundra to get within bow range of a big caribou bull.

Bowhunter Donnie Vincent is on the island of Newfoundland, hunting woodland caribou.

He spots a large old bull bedded down on the other side of a marshy tundra. The only real cover he has in his favor is a strong wind blowing in the right direction.

So, with 600 yards of wet scrubby tundra between him and the bull, he begins a crawling stalk.

“But,” he says, “with the wind howling in my face, and one slow movement at a time the yards slipped away…”

As he gets within bow range the big bull stands up and begins to leisurely move across Vincent’s path. The bull puts its head down to feed and Vincent smoothly rises to his knees and draws his bow.

It’s impressive that both Vincent and the cameraman make the stalk together, successfully getting within range without being spotted by the caribou.

The screen goes black as we hear the arrow fly and a slightly audible gasp from Vincent, but we don’t know if the arrow found its mark or not.

The video is a teaser for Vincent’s film “Terra Nova: 3 Days On the Island.” We’ll have to get the DVD of the film to find out, and view the Newfoundland adventure in its entirety.

But even without knowing if he made a kill shot or not, it’s a helluva stalk.

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600-Yard Painstakingly Slow, Crawling Stalk to Bedded Caribou Bull [VIDEO]