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60-Pound Muskie Caught on the St. Lawrence [PICS]

We all know the St. Lawrence has huge fish, but a 60-pound muskie? 

So far out of this year of muskie fishing, this giant 60-pound muskie from the St. Lawrence just might be creating the most buzz. On October 15th, Jeff Brockner, of Callicoon, New York, set hooks into what is setting the muskie fishing world on fire.

Every year for as long as most locals can remember, Brockner and his father, Alan, have made a week long fishing trip on the St. Lawrence a family tradition. However on this trip, it's one they will always remember.

Unfortunately, details about this fish are few and far between. What is known is that it was 58-inches long and had a 28-inch girth. With those stats, and according to this calculator, it could be one of the largest muskies caught in recent memory.

As far as what it was caught on, speculation suggests that it could have been brought to the net by trolling Believers. Trolling these types of baits in walleye or perch patters typically produce good fish.

Regardless of what it was caught on, a fish this size could have been a month or so away from gaining about nine more pounds and breaking the world record.

Either way, congrats on such an amazing fish!


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60-Pound Muskie Caught on the St. Lawrence [PICS]