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6-Year-Old Angler Catches 100-Pound Tarpon [VIDEO]

Ready to have your ego shattered?

When I was six years old, I caught a three-pound bass that I thought was a great achievement. This six-year-old angler just put me to shame.

In the clip below, Reed, a pint-sized big game fisherman, has a 100-pound tarpon on the line.

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The kid’s a pro. When one of the adults on the boat says, “you wanna tighten the drag a little bit Reedster?” Reed quickly fires back with, “No, then it might break.” In another scene, one of the adults onboard says “pump up, reel down!” and Reed snaps back, “I know how to fish!”

Indeed, he does. The tarpon he catches is bigger than him!

In case you were wondering what gear Reed was using, here’s the list, according to the video description.

Bait: Mullet

Hook: 7/0 Eagle Claw circle hook

Leader: 60-pounds fluorocarbon

Reel: Quantum Cabo 60

Line: 50-pound Seaguar braid

Rod: -foot Quantum Blu PT 12-25-pound.

Fish on!

What was the biggest fish you caught when you were a kid? 


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6-Year-Old Angler Catches 100-Pound Tarpon [VIDEO]