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6 Weird Fishing Things No One Else Understands

weird fishing things

Nobody but a fellow angler will understand the weird fishing things we do.

We are an unusual bunch, those of us who like to fish. There are some weird fishing things that we do without a second thought. To an outsider they may appear unusual, strange or downright nuts.

Talk to Fish

Admit it, you’ve called out for a fish to bite. “Here fishy, fishy” works when nothing else will. When things are slow, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the fish to bite, and that includes talking to them.

Get Excited About Getting Up Before Dawn

It’s the weekend after a long and hard week of work. What do we do? Get up well before the sun comes up to head to the lake or river. We do this with a smile.

No wonder people call us crazy and don’t understand these weird fishing things.

Smell Our Baits

Plastic worms or live bait have a certain smell. Some soft plastics smell like garlic, or perhaps you added a special brew of dead crawfish scent to them. Live or dead bait also has a scent that only an angler would ever want a whiff of.

Kiss a Fish

weird fishing things

This has to be asking for a bacterial infection, but some of us still kiss fish. This activity was made famous by TV show host Jimmy Houston, and it is still being practiced today. We are just so excited we can’t help it!

Obsess Over Weather

Aside from storm chasers and meteorologists, anglers probably check the weather more than anyone. The weather apps and Weather Channel are crucial to our preparation. Wind speed, barometric pressure, chance of rain, and temperature highs and lows are all things we watch with much more interest than the average person.

Hope for Bad Weather

weird fishing things

This goes along with the previous one. In addition to obsessing over weather, we also pray for wind when it is flat calm or rain when it’s sunny. Nothing fires up the fish like changing weather, and we are not too proud to beg for some bad weather.


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6 Weird Fishing Things No One Else Understands