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6 Ways the Future of Outdoor Entertainment is Changing

Outdoor entertainment is near and dear for hunters across the nation, but are big changes coming soon?

Let's face it, the outdoor industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years.

Hunters who film their own hunts have been sprouting up in every corner of the woods. More and more females are entering the sport, which demand new products and content. Technology is making it easier to create and share content unlike anytime before.


Will this new boom of technology and surge of new hunters call for a change in outdoor entertainment?

Well, many would argue that it's already in motion.

I took some time to catch up with Garrett Boelkes of Last Breath TV to collaborate on the future of outdoor entertainment and how it's changing. Last Breath TV has been learning the ins and outs of outdoor entertainment for a few years now, and have took notice to various trends within in the industry.

Here are six real ways outdoor entertainment is changing:

1. The Industry Standard is Different

last breath
Last Breath TV

When outdoor entertainment was just emerging, most shows consisted of much more filling the freezer footage featuring "doe patrol."

Older seasons would include a few big bucks shot, but in nearly every episode like today.

2. More Big Bucks and Less Does

Simply documenting a doe harvest on camera evolved into shooting a trophy buck consistently.

If you're watching the Outdoor Channel, it's almost expected to see a giant deer to be taken on camera.

Outdoor Channel

This movement has trickled down to hunters across the nation. There are more hunters who practice deer management in an effort to have more shots at big bucks then ever.

The envelope is constantly being pushed, and as outdoor entertainment progresses, it's only going to take more high caliber hunts to capture the viewer's attention.

3. Create an Entertaining Story

heartland bowhunters
Heatland Bowhunters

Something more popular than ever, whether viewers realize it or not, is the fact that hunting shows are improving on creating history with a deer.

Top shows in the industry like Drury Outdoors, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, and Heartland Bowhunters are creating a memorable storyline with their bucks, one that sometimes lasts years.

Trail camera pictures of the buck from previous seasons and footage of other close encounters create a progression of a story.

4. It's Not Just a Show, It's a Production

chip city
Facebook/Chris Brackett

Aside from creating a story, the equipment being used for lesser-known shows is top notch. There is more cinematography work with movie grade equipment. More and more shows are a full blown production, not just a show.

Chris Bracket's Fear No Evil (produced by Chip City) is prime example of taking a hunting show to the next level of outdoor entertainment.

5. Cable is Dying

cable tv
Business Insider

The secret's out: cable and satellite television is on a quick decline. In order to watch hunting shows on TV, consumers have to fork over even more money just to get the Pursuit, Outdoor, and Sportsman Channels.

north american whitetail
North American Whitetail

Consumers are starting to take notice and have been using other media channels to get their fix of hunting shows.

6. Internet-Based Shows are on the Rise

video maker
Video Maker

Some hunting shows have found real success from exclusively being online. DVDs are thing of the past, and now shows are just hosting the content on their websites. is a good example of having a big show only online.

Will Netflix or Hulu start showing hunting shows? Would that be another nail in the coffin for cable?

The future of outdoor entertainment is exciting with plenty of room for new entrants into the market with the rise of Internet-based shows.


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6 Ways the Future of Outdoor Entertainment is Changing