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6 Traits Guides Hate About Their Hunters


Are you a hunter with these traits? You might be irritating your guide.

Hunting can typically be done on your own, however, certain situations require a hunting guide. Guides are there to do just that: guide you along your hunt. Here are 6 traits guides hate.

1. The Unprepared

Guides have a tough enough task in putting you on an animal that is worth your while. It is all the more difficult when you show up unprepared. Remember to pack the essentials and do not expect your guide to provide you with items you’ve forgotten.

2. The Physically Unfit

Guides do not expect you to be an Olympian, but they do expect you to be able to function at an acceptable level during the hunt. It is no secret that hunting may require an awful lot of hiking through varying types of terrain. Take the time to research the area you will be hunting and adopt a fitness program to get you ready in time for your hunt.

3. The Mr. Sharp Shooter

Hands down, guides hate it when you say you are an excellent shot and never miss, when, in fact, you are a lousy shot. Practice shooting your firearm prior to your hunt to truly know where you stand. Be honest with your guide about your skill level so your guide can put you in a situation in which you will be most successful.

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4. The Excuse Maker

Hunting should be enjoyable to you and your guide. Don’t ruin the time by making excuses for everything. Whether it’s a missed shot on a trophy animal or the inability to keep up, excuses are annoying. One guide tells a story in which his hunter missed a shot and blamed it on a hummingbird flying by. Now that’s just ridiculous.

5. The Unmotivated              

Hunting might be a vacation for you. That’s all well and good, however, it becomes an issue when you use that as a reason to be lazy. Guides have a job to do and that becomes difficult when you do not have the motivation to get moving and get hunting.


6. The Know-it-all

Guides realize hunting experience varies from hunter to hunter. Although you may be a skilled and seasoned hunter with a lot of kills under your belt, being a know-it-all is one of the worst traits to deal with. Have respect for your guide and the knowledge they have of the region you are hunting, and take that respect further by realizing they have plenty to offer your hunting experience. In other words, don’t guide the guide!

Being a hunting guide is a tough gig. A lot factors into a hunt ending successfully. The biggest factor is you.

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6 Traits Guides Hate About Their Hunters