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6 Things You Didn't Know About the Sherman Tank

Sherman Tanks, perhaps the most famous of the bunch, are incredible to learn about.

We all know the name, but we might not know the details of the Sherman Tank, the most notoriously famous war vehicle there is.

Read on to learn a few tidbits about the Sherman, and don't forget to find out how you can drive a tank, including a Sherman, at the Ox Ranch in Texas.

1. How it got its name

Named for the controversial Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman, the Sherman Tank was designed in 1940 and production started the following year.

2. What, exactly, it was packing


The first Shermans were outfitted with a 75 mm main gun and a single hatch-mounted .50 caliber machine gun. There were generally two lighter .30 Cals positioned in the turret and forward hull. Eventual upgrades included a 76 mm anti-tank weapon that shot 15-pound projectiles.

3. How many they cranked out

Believe it or not, in a three-year span from 1942-45, somewhere near 49,000 Sherman Tanks were produced at a cost of around $33,000 (in today's money, that would be closer to $550,000).

4. How thick the walls are


Naturally a tank's walls are going to be thick, but the two-inch angled hull in the front did a decent job of deflecting shells away from the crew inside.

5. How far it could go

The Sherman had a respectable 120-mile range, but got an eye-opening 1.4 miles to the gallon. Top speed was usually around 30 mph.

6. What hi-tech gadgets it included

The design was pretty basic as far as wartime weapons go, but the Sherman Tank did include some cool new technology. The most notable was the gyroscopic sight that allowed for 1,200-yard targets to be hit even while the tank was moving over rough terrain.

7. Why it's so famous


A surplus of Shermans after the war made it easy to get your hands on them, and Hollywood didn't balk at the chance. Recently, the film Fury highlighted the Sherman Tank in detail.

8. How you can actually drive and shoot one

Now that you know more than you ever have, you know you would love to drive a Sherman Tank, wouldn't you? As luck would have it, Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas offers a number of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

You can actually drive and fire real tanks on a specialized course, along with a ton of other cool historic weapons and vehicles.


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6 Things You Didn't Know About the Sherman Tank