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6 Strange Bait Ideas for Fishing… Successfully!

6 baits

You can use almost anything for bait when you go fishing.

The real challenge is getting a fish to bite when you do try strange things.

You have to admit, the baits used in the video aren’t what you’d normally find in a tackle box or bait bin.

A cut up chip bag? A can? A cell phone? Who sees these objects and thinks, “You know, I should try fishing with this”?

Well, the people in the video. The really strange thing about this video is that the anglers use each type of bait—and catch fish.

And did you notice, those weren’t little guppies on the end of their lines? Nope, nice-sized fish went for the “bait.”

So, maybe the next time fishing gets slow or you just can’t find the right lure to get the fish to bite, take the strangest thing you can think of and toss it in the water.

You may find your go-to bait setup.


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6 Strange Bait Ideas for Fishing… Successfully!