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6 Steps to Choosing a New CCW Holster [VIDEO]

The most important piece of gear after your gun is a good holster. Here is how one Instructor chooses his CCW Holster.

Love him or hate him, most everyone has probably heard of Instructor Zero. You know, that guy that does some really cool High Speed, Low Drag stuff on video. Whether you think he is a showboater or a tactical genius, one thing is for certain. The man can shoot.

Here is Zero to tell you more about choosing the right holster.

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He truly has a love for shooting and a passion for self defense. The founder of Spartan 360° Tactical Defense, he and his crew of instructors are some of the best at what they do. They will teach you what you need to know about using your firearm in almost every situation. In all his videos, Zero always tries to convey how everything he shows you is important to your personal protection and how you need to think first before going for the gun.

This video is no exception. In addition to showing some serious shooting skills, he takes time to explain and share his steps in choosing and working with a new CCW Holster.

I personally am a fan of Zero's. I really enjoy watching his skill with firearms and some of the amazing things he has trained to do. I personally found this video very informative, and got a serious kick out of watching him hit head shots every time in slightly over a half a second from extraction from the holster.

Hopefully you will gain some knowledge in choosing your next CCW Holster too.

Do you have a way of choosing your holsters? Share with us.

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6 Steps to Choosing a New CCW Holster [VIDEO]