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6 Steps to Beat Boredom While Hunting [PICS]

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What do you do when you’re bored waiting for a buck? Here are some ideas…

Hunting takes a tremendous amount of time, patience and focus but, let’s face it, sometimes you just get bored.

Here are some things to do in the treestand when the deer aren’t walking and you’ve got time to spare.

1. Use Your Phone

Flickr/Robert Scoble

While some may argue that phones are a distraction, they can be a great way to pass the time. Whether you’re playing games, checking social media, chatting with friends or researching new hunting tips, smartphones have endless options to pass the time.

However, one downfall may be your battery life. Consider investing in a wireless charger to keep with your hunting equipment. Oh yeah, there are other downfalls, too.

2. Read

Flickr/Jayel Aheram

If you’re looking to pass some time, brush up on your hunting know-how or dive into a great book. While traditional magazines and books may be a bit noisy as you flip the pages, e-readers and digital publications are a great option.

Just be sure you look up every now and then to make sure you’re not missing the action!

3. Write


Have you ever had a random thought while hunting and knew you’d never remember it after you got home? Be prepared! Write down ideas, strategies or things you want to remember so you can revisit them after the hunt.

Some of the most famous writers gained their inspiration by spending time outdoors.

4. Analyze

Range Finder

Don’t sit absentmindedly in the woods. Use that time to prepare.

Use your rangefinder to evaluate shot distances, brainstorm how you could improve your coverage, or evaluate your surroundings for better hunting strategies. This is a great way to come up with new ideas and potentially improve your future hunts.

5. Reflect

Flickr/Dejan Hudoletnjak

Being outdoors provides a great opportunity for reflection and relaxation. Reflect and meditate on whatever is on your mind.

The woods offer quiet, refreshing moments that are nearly impossible to find in your day-to-day life.

6. Watch and Listen

Flickr/Marcos Vasconcelos

Enjoy nature! Watch the squirrels play and listen to the birds chirp. In a world driven by media and electronics, appreciate the fact that you partake in a sport that honors and respects what is left of the natural world.

Snap some pictures and admire all the outdoors have to offer.

Above all, don’t look at time waiting for a hunt to happen as wasted time. Make the most of it, and be ready when the time comes.

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6 Steps to Beat Boredom While Hunting [PICS]