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6 of Smokey the Bear’s Best Posters [PICS]


Smokey the Bear was born in 1944 out of necessity to educate the public on the dangers of forest fires. 

Though Smokey the Bear is now 71 years old, this senior bear still speaks his message “Only you can prevent forest fires!”



Education has been the message of Smokey the Bear, and many posters have been made for that purpose. He even has a Facebook page and a website.

Educational posters teach people a variety of fauna and flora. In the poster below, mammals and their young are presented as reasons to avoid starting forest fires.


Here in this poster we see tree identification using the leaves as a guide to aid in distinguishing them.


This poster is all about wildflower identification.23415a23bba449409a25d2fda2c528eb


This poster shows trees that can easily be lost to a careless camper’s non-extinguished fire.



Smokey loves butterflies and wants you to know and care for them too in this poster.



As you can see, Smokey the Bear is all about nature education.

Long live Smokey the Bear, nature’s educator in long standing!


All Pictures via USFS/State Foresters

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6 of Smokey the Bear’s Best Posters [PICS]