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6 Awesome Shooting Apps You Need to Check Out

These six shooting apps are helpful and fun, adding new insight to our gun enthusiasm.


Do you consider yourself a die-hard firearm enthusiast? If so, then you have probably already scoured the Internet and the Apple and Google Play mobile app stores to find all of the programs that could make you a better shooter.

For those who are looking to turn their smartphone or mobile device into a hub for shooting intelligence, however, we've compiled a list of several applications that we think are essential for any gun fanatic.

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1. Inteliscope 

Forget buying a sight specifically for your rifle. The Inteliscope app - available for iOS devices, so Apple iPhone or iPod Touch models - allows you to turn your smartphone into a cutting edge rifle scope and sight. The app allows for 5x digital zoom magnification and a selection of crosshairs and reticles that can be customized depending on your shooting preferences. It also boasts a local wind speed reading and a ballistic calculator, so that you can get a better idea of how much your shot will drop depending on the distance, and how much it will be thrown off course by a heavy gust of wind.

It's even got a flashlight/strobe for shooting in low light conditions, a compass feature, and a feature that allows you to capture video with your phone while you're aiming and firing shots. To get the best performance from the app, you need to buy the Inteliscope adaptor (pictured), but for those looking to save a bit of money on a rifle scope, the Inteliscope app is still a pretty stellar bargain.

2. Ballistic 

It seems like we write something about Ballistic every time we do an app feature. We included it in our list of top hunting apps, and we're including it here, simply because it is such a great example of what an ambitious and feature-rich mobile app can be. Inteliscope may have a basic ballistic drop calculator, but the Ballistic app parlays that feature into a full-service, $20 workhorse of an iPhone program.

Ballistic allows shooters to input a slew of information about their unique shooting situations - from the model of their gun and the caliber of their bullet, to the distance and angle of their shot, all the way to elemental concerns like wind speed, temperature, and pressure. Ballistic then takes all of this data and uses it to calculate information on shot trajectory and drop, helping hunters to adjust their shots accordingly to make sure they find their targets. It's no surprise that many shooting professionals rely on Ballistic while practicing their craft.

3. Strelok 

There's no reason that iPhone users should have all the fun toys and gadgets. Strelok is an Android app that serves the same essential function as Ballistic. The tool helps hunters to calculate the trajectory of their shots, helping to improve accuracy and overall marksmanship. It doesn't take into account quite as many different factors as Ballistic, but it has a simpler, less technical interface and actually comes in a free version, which can't be said for Ballistic.

Best of all, out of over 3,000 reviews on the Google Play market, Strelok has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 - meaning that plenty of hunters have been using the program and have been satisfied with it over the years. If you've got an Android phone, Strelok should be one of the first apps you download.

4. RangeLog 

The official mobile app of the website of the same name, RangeLog is a great program that all passionate shooters should considering installing on their smartphones.

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices, and while you must have a RangeLog account to use it, membership with the site is free, easy to set up, and useful for firearm enthusiasts. RangeLog not only helps you to find shooting ranges anywhere, but also gives you a place to keep a detailed journal about your shooting scores and progress. From competition scores to notes on your shooting range practice sessions, RangeLog is perfect for all of your shooting range related needs.

5. AccuScope 

While the name of the app makes it sound like just another ballistics program, AccuScope actually has its own unique function and appeal. At only $0.99 for the premium version of the app, AccuScope is a bargain. It gives you the tips you need to perfectly attach and sight your scope so that you get the most accurate end result possible.

Like the ballistic apps listed previously, AccuScope takes into account a number of factors in order to calculate how many dial clicks you need to properly and perfectly sight your scope. If you've had trouble finding the right fit on your scopes in the past, this app can eliminate the need for guessing and make sure that you're not longer shooting in the dark.

6. Guns 

Released earlier this year for Android, this app - simply titled Guns - is a firearm simulator that is a lot of fun, but which can also double as a place for you to try out different firearms and shop around for attractive weapons before you buy them.

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The game is loaded with a wide array of popular firearms, from hand guns to rifles to shotguns and beyond. Each gun is rendered in realistic fashion to best reflect its real-life counterpart, making the appeal of the app a two-level construct.

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