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6 Reasons Why Reloading is the Best Thing Ever

Here’s why reloading is a wise idea.


A day at the range shouldn’t cost as much as a down payment on your house, and it shouldn’t take the skills of Indiana Jones to find enough ammo to have a little fun shooting. So that gives avid shooters and hunters one clear option to avoid the madness that has overtaken traditional ammo buying. It’s time to reload.

What used to be a foreign concept to all but the most die-hard hunters and shooters has now become a commonplace practice. An increased interest in learning how to reload ammunition signals not only a changing mentality among gun owners, but also how future shooters will deal with restrictive government intrusion and a lack of constant ammo supplies in traditional settings.

For those on the fence about whether or not to reload, we’ve taken the time to give you a few reasons why it’s best to just bite the bullet and embrace reloading.

View the slideshow to see the reasons why reloading is a great idea, and leave your own in the comments.


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Reloading takes the guesswork out of future shooting needs. Shooters who have the equipment and have mastered the art of reloading have the distinct advantage of never having to count on anyone else to provide for them.

In a market as volatile as the one today’s shooters currently face, that can mean the difference between as many range days as desired or never firing that favorite weapon at all. There is something to be said for taking the fate of your shooting future into your own hands and reloading allows shooters the chance to do exactly that.

Ability to Customize Loads

Shooters who have high expectations of how a load should perform are often disappointed with traditional factory ammunition. When reloading, shooters have the opportunity to customize loads to increase accuracy and performance by testing variations not offered by factory loads. Passionate gun owners want the best out of their weapons with each trigger pull. Creating a custom load may be just the ticket nailing that 1” grouping at 100 yards.

Shoot More, Duh

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Imagine if you could remove the trips to the store, looking for ammunition that isn’t there. Take away all the online browsing for ammo on site after site. Eliminate all the hours spent searching for enough ammo to confidently spend a full day at the range and you’re left with a lot more free time. Now, take half that time to hang out in the garage or shop reloading a thousand rounds.

Once that’s done, it’s time to shoot. Invite your friends to shoot and spend a relaxing day at the range. Reloading gives you the chance to shoot more and shop less.

Less Government Involvement

Depending on how you choose to pay, Uncle Sam may or may not know who just bought 250 rounds of ammo, but he will definitely know it’s been purchased. That kind of government knowledge can be eliminated by reloading.

Why should the government be privy to the number of rounds bought by law abiding gun owners? Reloading leaves Big Brother out of the equation. For some shooters, that fact is every bit as important as any other factor involved when considering reloads over buying traditional ammo.

What Ammo Shortage?

The debate is on as to whether or not there is an actual ammo shortage in the US. We’re not here to argue yes or no, just to remind shooters that reloading takes away most of the need to wonder, one way or another.

As long as reloaders have the equipment and supplies on hand to reload, the rest of the world can argue over how many rounds Wal-Mart has or why the government just placed an order for 2.5 million 12-gauge rounds. Reloaders have the benefit of seeing that argument play out from the sidelines and not from inside the line of fire.

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Reloading is fun. It’s really as simple as that. Creating the perfect load is an art form that takes skill and understanding of how a firearm and shell interact. For those shooters passionate about their weapons, the ability to take complete control of what leaves the barrel of their favorite firearm is priceless.

If you aren’t ready for reloading yet…

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6 Reasons Why Reloading is the Best Thing Ever