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6 Under-the-Radar Hunting Rifles That Are Worth Buying [PICS]

There is nothing wrong with a bolt-action .270, but these lesser-known hunting rifles may be better for you.

If your hunting needs are not quite average, then there might be a better rifle for you than the common choices.

At least as another option to have at the ready.

1. Marlin 1894

Not often thought of as a hunting gun, the 1894, and especially the 1894CSS (pictured), is a fantastic deer gun for closer shots.

The rifle is lightweight, trim, and weather-resistant. The 357 Magnum round, when fired from a rifle, is more than enough power for medium game. And ammo is inexpensive, common, and brings minimal recoil and blast to boot!

Go with 158-grain jacketed soft points and kill a truckload of deer within about 100 yards.

marlin 1894css
Marlin Firearms

2. H&R Handi Rifle

Commonly used for beginners, the Handi rifle is actually a very capable firearm. It is very inexpensive, and shooters can buy new barrels to convert to a litany of other calibers for around $100.

It can even turn into a slug gun or muzzleloader. And being a single action, overall length is reduced by around 4 inches as compared to a bolt gun. Look for one in 7mm-08 for the most versatility.

handi rifle

3. Ruger No. 1

A beauty. This gun has beautiful walnut and blued steel plus a large dose of class.

My 1-A in 7x57 Mauser was my first rifle, and will group under an inch with my handloads. It is all you could ever want in a hunting rifle.

ruger no 1

4. Browning BLR

The Browning BLR is handy, accurate, and fast-handling. The BLR is a little unique, but very functional, and with Browning fit and finish it is, of course, a looker.

Get one in .358 Winchester and cleanly kill anything you'd ever want to hunt.

browning blr

5. Ruger 77/44

A trend here? Revolver calibers are completely underappreciated in hunting rifles.

The 44 Magnum is no exception. Recoil is moderate, and muzzle blast is noticeably reduced. The killing power is absolutely still present, though. With the right loads, this rifle has the power to handle anything that walks the earth.

ruger 77/44

6. Henry .45-70

Speaking of power, the .45-70 has it in spades. The cartridge has been around forever, yet still makes a fine round for anything from medium game to grizzlies to elephants.

And Henry knows how to make a lever-action rifle. I love the looks and feel of the blued steel model.

henry 45-70

None of these hunting rifles are as versatile as your typical bolt-action deer rifle. However, they all have a niche where they can shine.

They are commonly overlooked, but that should not be the case. One of these rifles might just be your next favorite.

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6 Under-the-Radar Hunting Rifles That Are Worth Buying [PICS]