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6 Killer Survival Apps You’ve Got to Have

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With these survival apps, you can have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Do you ever find yourself bored, playing around on your phone looking for something to do? Well, look no further. These survival apps can teach you everything from how to build a fire, to what plants are safe to eat, to how to tie a knot that won’t slip no matter how hard you pull.

Download them now, because you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to know something but have no way of getting the information. These six apps don’t need Wi-Fi or data service to work. They download the information directly onto your phone or tablet, so even if you’re in the middle of the woods, you can still find what you’re looking for.

1. Survival Guide

The Survival Guide app by SusaSoftX brings survival tips, hints and techniques right to your phone. Its information is all based on the U.S. Military’s Survival Manual and it covers everything from finding shelter, food and water, to the psychological preparedness it takes to stay alive on your own in a survival situation.

survival guide


2. (Traps) Wilderness Survival

Part of GMB Survival App, the (Traps) Wilderness Survival app teaches you how to build traps and snares for a variety of wild game to ensure you always have something in your stomach, no matter where you end up. From simple snares, to drag nooses, to bottle traps, this app lets you utilize what you have available to snag dinner.



3. Survival Tools Beta

If you are a survivalist, or even if you just like to spend a lot of time in the woods, this app is for you. Made by Niels Masdorp, the Survival Tools Beta app not only contains a field manual, it also has a compass, flashlight, stopwatch and a map with too many features to list. So no matter where you end up, this app can help you find your way out.


4. Knots Guide

Knots Guide is designed by SusaSoftX and features pictures and diagrams to help you form 92 different knots. No matter if you need knots for climbing, fishing or binding, this app can teach you how to make them.


5. Outdoor Atlas

Made by Corridor 5, the Outdoor Atlas app is perfect for anyone who ventures into the unknown. It features a built-in GPS that shows you not only your actual location on a map, it also gives you your coordinates. The app also has topographical maps, so you not only see where you are, but you can look at the terrain to see if it’s manageable. All maps can be stored locally, so there’s no need to have a data connection.


6. Practical Preppers

Practical Preppers, made by Rapptor Studios, was designed by Scott Hunt from Doomsday Preppers. It’s a comprehensive guide to an effective long-term survival plan. It includes checklists to make sure you have everything you need. It even allows you to score your preparedness to make sure you’re ready when you need to be.

practical preppers

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6 Killer Survival Apps You’ve Got to Have