6 Kid-Friendly Lures for Father's Day Fishing Lessons

Dads love to take their children fishing. Here are the best lures to keep Father's Day as stress, tangle, and snag-free as possible.

It creates a memorable bonding experience for both parties. Whether you're a pro or a first-time fisherman, this list of fishing lures will make for a relaxing day with your kids. They are all easy to use and fish love them!

1. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits are perhaps the most time-tested, and proven fish-catching baits. Let your child cast them out, reel them in, and wait for a fish to latch on. No complicated jigging or feeling for bites necessary. Kids will love the wide variety of fish species that this presentation catches. A spinner bait is also extremely weedless, and will not create any spin in the line. Beetle spins are an excellent substitute to the larger versions if smaller fish are present.

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2. Mister Twister

Mister twisters, or grubs, are simple minnow-imitating plastics that come in all colors and sizes. They are efficient at catching many different kinds of fish if paired with a small, weighted jig head. This presentation is especially easy for kids to cast. Bass really love them! A mister twister is even commonly used by tournament anglers because of their proven track record.

3. Jig & Minnow

You can't go wrong with live bait. A simple jig and minnow presentation will keep the fish on your child's hook all afternoon. A minnow may also be less terrifying than a worm if they are a bit on the squeamish side. This technique can also be placed below a bobber, eliminating the need to repeatedly cast. Small fathead minnows are a delicacy for crappies and sunnies, and can add a bonus to your Father's Day by providing you with supper.

4. Frog

A frog could end up being the most exciting lure for any young angler to use. A shocking surface explosion on this bait at the hands of a largemouth bass will surely create a lasting memory. They also catch huge fish, and will create a photo opportunity worth sharing for years to come. These topwater baits will never get hung up on anything, as they perfectly glide above any unwanted weeds and submerged obstacles.

5. Mepps In-Line Spinner

Tell your kids to hang onto their rods when casting this pike magnet! They will be in for the fight of their young lives when a hungry hammer handle clamps down on this little lure.

Using the mini version of this bucktail bait will attract the perfect sized finned opponent. Similar to the spinner bait, this tactic only requires casting and a steady retrieve. It is generally weedless and tangle-free, but make sure to use a small swivel, as they do cause a fair amount of line twist without one.

6. Rapala Original Floating Minnow

Perhaps the most famous lure ever created is the Original Floating Minnow by Rapala. It created a renaissance within the fishing world because of its sheer ability to catch fish. Your child can reel them straight in, or you can teach them a more advanced technique. Twitching or jerking the bait back to the boat will introduce them to the next steps of more finesse type retrieves.

They also come in a variety of sizes and colors. If there are multiple little ones fishing with Dad on Father's Day, you can let them have a competition with their colors of choice!