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6 Kansas Deer Electrocuted By Fallen Power Line

In one of the strangest incidents involving deer this year, several whitetails were killed by fallen power lines.

News out of Smith County, Kansas has shocked the area and beyond, as a small herd of six deer was killed by a fallen power line.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT) mentioned on their Facebook page that the accident happened near Gaylord in north central Kansas.

KDWPT also said the game wardens who investigated the incident reported that the deer were likely feeding when the power line fell into the field. The active line was released as soon as possible from the pole, but it was too late and the deer had already been killed.

The wheat field where the incident occurred was almost certainly one of the last available food sources for the deer, as the winter months took a toll on the natural vegetation that deer eat throughout the colder season.


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6 Kansas Deer Electrocuted By Fallen Power Line