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6 Ice Fishing Shelters for Under $400

Get out on the ice, out of the elements, and onto the fish without breaking the bank.


Are you looking to go ice fishing, but don’t want to deal with the frustrations of sitting out on the open ice freezing for a fish?

Then you, my friend, need a fishing shack.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to build one or the money to buy one.” Well, these quick and easy to use ice fishing shelters, all under $400, may just change your mind and get you out on the ice before you know it.

View the slideshow to see the picks for the best ice fishing shacks under $400.

1. Gander Mountain Non-Insulated Shelter

Gander Mountain

At $179.99 you’ll have a hard time finding a pop-up shelter for less. At 6 x 6 you’ll have plenty of room for gear, tackle, and maybe even a fishing buddy or two. Folded down, it fits into a backpack style bag for easy carrying out to your spot.

2. Clam Big Foot XL2000

Gander Mountain

For a little more room you can move on up to the 7.5 x 7.5 Big Foot XL2000 by Clam Outdoors at $249.99. With 56 sq. ft. of fishing area allowing a four to five angler capacity you’ll have plenty of room, and the super tough 600 denier fabric should help keep out the elements.

3. Frabill Headquarters

Bass Pro Shops

With the Frabill Headquarders ice fishing shelter you can literally double your space compared to a base-level shelter for only $299.99. The double length allows for a six angler plus gear capacity, and a door on either end gives you ease of access. More importantly, for only $50 more you can get it in Fishoflauge!

4. Frabill Commando

Bass Pro Shops

Going solo? Get yourself the Frabill Commando ice fishing shelter for $319.99. What you sacrifice in room you make up for with portability and comfort. This one angler shelter is built into its own sled to carry itself and all your gear wherever you need to go. Just park it, flip the canopy over, and enjoy 10 sq. ft. of fishable space from the comfort of the built in padded boat seat.

5. Clam Tundra

Gander Mountain

Like the built in sled, but don’t want to go fishing alone? Clam has you covered with the two angler Tundra ice fishing shelter, coming in just under the mark at $399.99. With 31 sq.ft. of fishable space you’ve got plenty of room for two, or you can really stretch out your legs by yourself.

Clam Six-Pack 1660 Mag Ice Shelter


Also at the $399.99 mark we have the Clam Six-Pack. This is another hub style pop-up shelter, but the big difference is the hexagonal design which give you 94 sq. ft. of space for fishing or, uh, having a party. I’m just saying, this thing is big and sturdy but probably a pain to set it up alone, so bring friends and have a great day on the ice.

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