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6 Healthy Backcountry Eats You Can Forage [PICS]

Herbal Academy of New England

Your true organic supermarket awaits out in the backcountry. 

Just look around, and you’ll see all the healthy backcountry eats available.

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1. Pine needle tea

This tea is extremely high in vitamin C. It keeps your immunity system happy, and it can cure scurvy. This disease used to hit outdoorsmen and sailors in the past, due to their high-protein diet. A tea made from the tips of pine needles could have cured them, as it was right above their heads.

Practical Primitive

2. Venison

This lean meat is very heart healthy. Deer are always on the move and do not build up as much fat as domestic farm animals.

Chef Depot

3. Rose hips

Rose hips are high in vitamin C, and they are quite tasty.

Emergency Outdoors

4. Purslane

This plant is an edible green and is great in salads. It also grows in disturbed areas and on lawns as a pest.

Wildman Steve Brill

 5. The mighty dandelion! 

The curse of the lawn is the woodsman’s best friend. Blanch the leaves in fresh water to remove bitterness and add to salads. You can also use the roots and flowers in other dishes, teas, and as a culinary brightener.


6. Plantain

This plant has either a lance leaf or broad leaf configuration, and they make great salad greens.

Herbal Academy of New England

Other backcountry edibles include numerous mushroom and plant species, and of course, wild animals.

Get yourself an edible plants identification book with color pictures, and practice with it when you are out in the woods. Experiment with different recipes, and you too will be eating mighty in the great backcountry.

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6 Healthy Backcountry Eats You Can Forage [PICS]