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6 Great Outdoor Gear Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

There are a ton of outdoor gear blogs out there, but here are our top six choices.

Blogs that spend the majority of their time covering, testing, and reviewing the latest outdoor gear are invaluable to hunters and anglers. Even if the gear isn’t always strictly meant for hunting or fishing, there’s still a lot to learn when it comes to purchase decision.

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We are constantly devouring as much information on the newest and best outdoor gear as we can, and these blogs have set themselves apart as great resources.

View the slideshow to see our picks, and let us know what outdoor gear blogs you read.

Gear Junkie

This blog has been around since 2006, making it one of the longest lasting and most well established gear blogs on the web. Founded by Stephen Regenold, Gear Junkie understandably has a huge backlog of content, and it’s growing every day.

This blog generally sees two to three new posts every day during the week, and whether you follow those posts from the homepage or from one of the more specific sections (“Hike,” “Footwear,” “Backpacks,” “Bike,” and “Tech/Gadgets” are the big categories), you’re bound to find plentiful information about the latest gear releases.

Plentiful posts about the newest and most exciting product developments in camping, hiking, and exploring still make Gear Junkie an essential blog to follow for any outdoor sportsman.

Gear Institute

One of the best looking gear blogs on the web, Gear Institute boasts a simplistic and easy-to-navigate interface that makes it a pleasure to visit every day. The site – which offers gear news, reviews, helpful shopping list articles, and more – should be a haven for anglers, hikers, winter sportsmen and more.

Hunters can also rejoice, since Gear Institute does cover items of interest to you as well. Heck, the review of the Benchmade 300 Axis Flipper knife, a stunning product which apparently earned the first-ever perfect score of 100 from Gear Institute, would be great for a lot of hunting needs. Clearly, it’s a good time to start reading.

Adventure Journal

Speaking of great looking outdoor gear blogs, Adventure Journal absolutely fits that description as well, and frankly, it should. The two primary writers for this site – Steve Casimiro and Michael Frank – are both publishing veterans who have written and edited magazines in the past (the former with Powder and Bike and the latter with Forbes and Mountain Bike). Their years of experience are evident not just from the quality of the content on Adventure Journal, but also from the beautiful photo-heavy layout.

As for the actual gear, Casiomiro and Frank cover everything from camping tents to rugged hiking backpacks to GPS watches to bikes.

Active Gear Review

Active Gear Review currently has 229 pages of content, almost all of it made up by in-depth discussions of various pieces of outdoor gear. Those looking for camping gear, running gear, cycling gear, and snow sporting gear will get the most out of Active Gear Review, but with so many reviews – and with a section simply labeled as “Other” – there’s little doubt that there is something for everyone here.

The fact that the site is beautifully laid out and incredibly easy to navigate only makes it a more essential link for your bookmarks menu.

Outdoor Gear Lab

You could spend days reading reviews on Outdoor Gear Lab and only scratch the surface of the informative content that it has to offer. That’s no exaggeration: this wonderful site is based heavily on product reviews, but it presents them in such an innovative and intriguing manner that it separates itself from every other blog on this list (and every blog not on this list as well).

The mission statement of the Outdoor Gear Lab contributors is not to offer individual reviews of every single gear product on the market, but rather to compare and contrast different products in a wide variety of categories to determine which piece of gear deserves the title of “best” in any given category. In other words, you can go to Outdoor Gear Lab, select “Camping Tents,” and be greeted by a page where different tents are exhaustively tested, rated, and ranked against one another to give you a sense of which products you might want to buy. These reviews and rankings aren’t arbitrary listings drawn up after a few minutes of thought, either. No, the testers at Outdoor Gear Lab put their gear through months of field tests and even actual lab examinations to determine which ones are truly the finest on the market.

Blister Gear Review

Compared to many other blogs on this list, Blister Gear Review looks almost minor and inconsequential. It doesn’t have the same wealth of content as many other sites – the average posting rate for the blog is one new review a day, if not less – and it focuses mostly on mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding, leaving huge amounts of gear uncovered. With all of that said, though, there’s a reason that Blister Gear Review isn’t the most prolific outdoor gear blog on the web, and it’s something you’ll be able to see from the first time you click on a review there.

This site specializes in long-form criticism (emphasis on the long), and its reviews are as detailed, in-depth, well researched, and meticulously tested as those of any gear blog on the web. In fact, Blister Gear Review is probably the only blog that can rival Outdoor Gear Lab in terms of detail and testing, which makes it an essential resource if your gear interests lie within the genres the site covers.

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