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6 Excuses for Missing a Deer We Tolerate, But Barely

excuses for missing a deer

Most of us miss a shot or two. Sometimes it’s for a good reason; other times, we have to find a reason.

That buck you’ve been waiting for all season comes into your sights. You get ready, wait for your moment, and release the arrow or squeeze the trigger. The deer is unfazed or runs, but there is no evidence of a hit. The unthinkable has happened: you missed.

Misses happen, and there are plenty of reasons why. There are not plenty of ways to tell your buddies why. So, have these lines ready for the inevitable when moment someone asks what happened.

1. “I didn’t see that limb” (or “There was a tree limb in the way”).

This one rings true during the bow season. One stray limb can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. We can be so focused on the deer, getting our sights lined up and getting our stance right that we forget to check what is between us and the target.

2. “I misjudged the range.”

You used the wrong pin. There was nothing that you could use to determine the range. That buck was so big it looked closer. If you’re going to use this one, sell it.

3. “The sun was in my eyes.”

It’s a classic, but it works; not many deer hunters wear sunglasses. Don’t limit this excuse just to the deer woods either. Miss a duck? “The sun was in my eyes.” My wife asks why I didn’t take care of the garbage? “The sun was in my eyes.”

4. “My shells are old.”

Gun powder doesn’t age well. An old shell won’t shoot as fast as a new one. Just be glad the gun shotit could’ve been much worse.

5. “I had to clear a shooting lane.”

You shoot once and miss; your second shot connects. You didn’t miss that first one! You had to clear a path. Obviously, if you were a bad shot, you wouldn’t have got it with the second. As you can tell, I have never used this one.

6. “My powder was wet.”

You can’t control the weather. It isn’t your fault water got into your powder on your muzzleloader and the gun didn’t fire. Sometimes you store cartridges where there is a high level of humidity.

Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with many of these unspeakable moments. However, if you do, be ready. Using one of these lines should help ease the harassment that is coming.


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6 Excuses for Missing a Deer We Tolerate, But Barely