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6 Exceptional Broadheads Get Put to the Test [VIDEO]

YouTube/Enternal Expedition

Forget about what the package looks like and forget about the price tag, this video is all about broadhead durability and penetration.

Seems like every time that I visit the hunting store, there is a new, aggressive and gnarly looking broadhead sitting on the shelf. Most of them have some catchy looking packaging with monster bucks laying out in front with italicized print displaying entry and exit wound sizes.

But just how much of that is marketing at its best and how much of that is accurate? Tune in with the guys at Eternal Expedition as they take six of some of the most popular broadheads on todays bowhunting market and put them through a brutal test.

There you have it, six popular broadheads and six unbiased results all in one video.  Regardless of whether you’re shooting mechanical or fixed-blade, it pays to do your research before taking the shot of a lifetime and potentially regretting your purchase after.

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6 Exceptional Broadheads Get Put to the Test [VIDEO]