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6 Different Ways to Cook Fish [INFOGRAPHIC]

Has the way you cook your fish gotten old? Here are few more ways to cook fish to get out of your cooking rut. 

Have you tried steaming your fish? How about poaching?

I recently started poaching fish and it changed my world.

Here are six different ways to cook your fish, in case you need to change up your recipes.


For a long time, all I would do is make a little tin foil tent, add my fish, veggies, spices and some olive oil and bake it. Don’t get me wrong, it always came out delicious but that was the ONLY way I cooked fish. Now, I try to be a bit more creative.

Poaching it with a little white wine, lemon, and capers is delicious.

Steaming it is just as good.

Frying it is delectable.

This infographic will just spur you to be a bit more adventurous in your fish cooking endeavors.


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6 Different Ways to Cook Fish [INFOGRAPHIC]