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6 Crowd-Pleasing Ways to Serve Wild Game at a Summer Cookout [PICS]

It’s summertime! Let the parties begin! Try these amazing, crowd-pleasing wild game recipes at your next summer cookout.

Summertime is the time for hanging out with friends and family at outdoor cookouts.

Try some of these crowd-pleasing ways to serve wild game at your upcoming Fourth of July cookout.



Burgers are an easy way to grill any type of wild game meat you have. Meat formed into a patty is always a great way to make your guests happy. A variety of toppings will allow guests to make it their own burger just how they like it.

Try out this Blue Cheese Buck Burger.


If you have burgers at your cookout, you’ve got to have dogs too. Only this time, switch out your traditional dogs for some wild game sausages. You can make them yourself and grill them up alongside the burgers.

To make your own wild game sausages, you will need a grinder and a sausage stuffer. Once you have those tools, try making these Bear Sausages.


Chili may not be a usual summertime meal, but it is a great crowd-pleasing way to serve wild game at a summer party. You can use any kind of wild game you have or like and add any and all types of veggies you want.

You can make a large amount of chili for a large guest list or vise versa. You can even make it ahead of time and warm it up in a crock-pot.

Try this Wild Game Chili at your next cookout.

Summer Sausage

summer sausage
Man, That Stuff Is Good!

Cheese and crackers are a common hors d’oeuvre at most parties, but spice up your platter with some added summer sausage. A spread like this is an easy-to-serve finger food where guests can grab some and come back for more.

Try making your own summer sausage using this Homemade Venison Summer Sausage recipe.


duck meatballs
Game and Garden

Meatballs are another great crowd-pleasing way to serve wild game. Meatballs are easy to make and easy to eat. You can eat them on the go with simply a toothpick. No formal utensils needed! Just like most of the other recipes, you can use any type of wild game you have.

Try these quick and easy Duck Meatballs.


Kabobs are a great way to get meat and veggies all in one. You can use any type of meat you want and pair it with any vegetables you want. You can make different kinds of kabobs each with a different kind of meat to give variety and keep all your guests happy. And you can grill them at the same time as your burgers and sausages.

Try these Venison Kabobs.

These are all easy and crowd-pleasing ways to serve wild game at your cookout. Surprise your guests with these homemade recipes that bring flavors of the outdoors to your summer party.


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6 Crowd-Pleasing Ways to Serve Wild Game at a Summer Cookout [PICS]