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6 Best Cities for Outdoorsmen and Women

We’ve compiled a list of the best cities for outdoorsmen and women, no matter what you’re into.

We all dream of getting out into the great outdoors. We plan hikes and hunting trips, take vacations to national parks and go boating.

For some, however, the well-planned holiday isn’t going to be enough. Within the concrete and steel cages of modern cities, many dream of breaking free and living in the outdoors.

That is easier said than done, of course. We have jobs to keep, families to build, and the isolation that might come with moving into a cabin in the woods might offset the advantages of all the fresh air.

So what is a nature-savvy individual to do? Well, the simple solution is to move to a city well suited to the outdoorsman. Whether by its convenient vicinity to national parks or its own natural rivers and mountains, these are just a few of the best cities available to an avid lover of the outdoors!

Portland, Oregon

Named one of America’s most bike-friendly cities by NBC News, Portland has a passion for the environment that is downright contagious. This city is surrounded on all sides by natural beauty, from the beautiful cascades to the once volatile Mt. Saint Helens, the winding green river valleys to the beautiful Oregon coast, Portland appeals to outdoor lovers of all kinds.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Among Money Magazine’s Best Places to live in 2006, 2008, and 2010, Fort Collins, Colorado is a spectacular getaway for any nature lover, particularly passionate anglers. The Poudre River and surrounding parks make for a beautiful and relaxing escape from the day to day. Better yet, this city’s vicinity to the Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest make it that much more exciting.

Seattle, Washington

Close enough for a fun day visit to Olympic National Park or Mount Ranier National Park, Seattle, Washington is a true jewel of the Olympic Peninsula. In fact, it is at the heart of the outdoors industry, being the home of REI and Outdoor equipment research!

Knoxville, Tennessee

For lovers of canoeing and fishing, Knoxville, Tennessee is like paradise on earth. Teeming with some of North America’s most diverse ecosystems, Knoxville is a gateway city to the Appalachian mountains and a stone’s throw from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Bend, Oregon

A true haven for the outdoorsman at heart, Bend, Oregon had access to hundreds of camp sites, the Deschutes National Forest and River, and the beautiful Cascade mountains.  Whether you hunt and fish or just want to raft or climb the snow-capped mountains, Bend offers plenty of ways to get outdoors.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Ranked as one of Outdoor Life’s top towns for Sportsmen, Rapid City South Dakota is just a car trip away from Badlands and Wind Cave national parks, perfect for anglers and hunters looking for an easy way to get out of the house. Mountaineers also have access to Harney Peak, the highest point in America east of the Rockies.

While the cities on this list are just some of the most popular outdoor cities, there are dozens more with great opportunities for any true nature lover.

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6 Best Cities for Outdoorsmen and Women