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6 Bank Fishing Tips That Will Help You All Year

Catfish and Carp/YouTube

As a fisherman, I tend to be a little dubious about articles with the word “hack” in them, but these 6 fishing hacks are for real.

The guys over at Catfish and Carp obviously spend some time fishing from the bank. You can tell because these tips are not only simple, but well thought out, too.

As you’re watching, count how many times you say to yourself: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ As an added bonus, you could probably carry out all these modifications for less than $12. Enjoy!

The line holder trick almost made me smack my forehead and had implications for other species, too. I’ve bank fished for walleyes in places where you were wasting time if you cast out past 15 yards.

I could have spent more time in higher percentage water had I limited myself with the line keeper. That’d also be a great tool for taking a youngster out fishing. It would essentially become a governor keeping them from casting into nearby snags that seem to be a magnet for kids.

This is great work by the Catfish and Carp team. I’ll bet IKEA wasn’t even aware that they had a sporting goods department!

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6 Bank Fishing Tips That Will Help You All Year