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59-Inch Musky Caught by Woman on the St. Lawrence [PICS]

Fishing Fanatic Guide Service Dave Curtis

A potential new International  Game Fish Association record musky could be on the way from the St. Lawrence! 

Over Labor Day weekend, September 5th, 2015 to be exact, one of the largest muskies ever seen was caught on the St. Lawrence River, Ontario. Doris Curtis was fishing with her husband, Dave, a licensed musky fishing guide, when she set hooks into this enormous record musky.


The couple was trolling in deep water when the fish hit a black perch jointed DepthRaider.

As seen from Dave Curtis’s Facebook page:

How does one go from elation, high fives,hugs, to profound sadness ? This is what happens when you catch a giant 59 inch muskie, release it, and it floats to the surface later. My wife, best friend and soulmate Doris and I went for a troll this weekend, and Doris caught the biggest muskie I have ever seen, or landed ! Monster which came to 150cm (59 inches) on the IGFA bumpboard. Perhaps the culmination of many years of hunting muskies on the St. Lawrence river. I will keep looking for bigger though !!

He is right. That fish is a true monster.

In another report, Curtis said he did everything he could to make sure this fish swam away, but unfortunately, things don’t always work out.


He kept the fish in the water, cut the hooks, and released it as fast as he could. However, after an hour, they found the fish floating and got the pictures you see above.

The giant muskie’s length and weight were confirmed on IGFA-certified scales at 59 inches and an incredible 48 pounds. If this fish is submitted for an official IGFA record, it would crush the current all-tackle length record of 51-inches. It would also hold the women’s line class world record.

Either way, congrats on an amazing fish.

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59-Inch Musky Caught by Woman on the St. Lawrence [PICS]