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544-Pound Mako Shark Is New Bow Fishing World Record

An outdoors TV show host has set the bow fishing world record for mako shark.

On June 15, Patrick Eger shot and reeled in a 544-pound mako shark while fishing near Catalina Island off the coast of southern California.

Eger, the host of Big E TV and owner of Big E Outfitters, had the cameras rolling when the 10.6-foot mako shark approached a line of chum near his boat.

Image via Facebook/Big E TV

“The mako is a very aggressive shark,” Eger told the Post Crescent. “They are not afraid of anything. He came in to where the chum is coming from and starts hitting the boat, ramming the boat, sizing up the boat.”

With just one shot, Eger connected his line to the shark. The fight lasted for more than two hours.

“Unlike a lot of ocean fishing, there’s no chair and you’re not strapped into anything,” said Eger. “I stood the entire time, and the only thing I was strapped to was the pole. If the shark pulls anything in, he’s pulling the pole and myself in.”

Image via Facebook/Big E TV

The Bow Fishing Association of America has verified Eger’s catch as the new bow fishing world record for mako shark and the new California state bow fishing state record for the species, according to a Big E TV press release.

Eger decided to harvest the shark, after determining it was a world record.

The footage from the catch will be featured in an upcoming episode of Big E TV.

Image via Facebook/Big E TV

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Do you think Eger was right to have harvested the mako? Do you think it should have been released? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Featured image via Facebook/Big E TV

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544-Pound Mako Shark Is New Bow Fishing World Record