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53-Ton Mystery Fish Die-Off in Mexico [VIDEO]

A fish die-off of the 53-ton magnitude? That can't be good.

According to RT News, on September 1, 2014, about 53 tons of small chub, known locally as Popocha, floated to the surface of Cajititlan Lagoon in Mexico, dead as doornails.

Apparently this is the fourth time this has happened, and lab tests by Mexican officials are ongoing. Current theories range anywhere from low water levels to poor waste treatment in the area.

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Local fisherman are cleaning up the mess, hoping to regain their fishing territory. The load of dead fish is so large, it's reported that the piled fish are being cleaned up and moved around with Bull Dozers.

More coverage of the incident through Yahoo News available here.

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53-Ton Mystery Fish Die-Off in Mexico [VIDEO]