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$500K Going Towards Wyoming Mule Deer Projects

Mule deer projects in Wyoming are getting some much-needed help.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will see $500K allotted for mule deer projects after a vote in favor of the measure passed recently.

The money will be used over five years of studies and will continue the efforts started with the Mule Deer Initiative, first launched in 2007.

"We have heard from people all across Wyoming who are concerned about mule deer populations," said Wyoming Game and Fish Commission President Charles Price. "The focus of this effort is on habitat improvement and those are long-term, generational efforts, but we know that we have to continue to make this a priority."

Certain herds, given names for identification and location purposes, will see assistance and monitoring as a result of the funds. The Baggs, Sheep Mountain, Upper Powder River, Owl Creek/Meeteetse, South Wind River/Sweetwater and Bates Hole/Hat Six herds all stand to gain a foothold, and some optimistic outlooks, thanks to the money.

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$500K Going Towards Wyoming Mule Deer Projects