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$500,000 Offered for Idea to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

World Wildlife Fund

Your idea for helping to save endangered animals from poachers cannot only preserve a species for future generations, it might even net you a small fortune.

To solicit fresh ideas on how to reduce wildlife trafficking, the U.S. Agency for International Development is launching a competition asking for ways that science and technology can help reduce the illegal killing of endangered animals. The participant who submits the winning idea will be paid up to $500,000.

The USAID is currently working with the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution, as well as the wildlife tracking network TRAFFIC on a solution. Michael Yates of they USAID says the organization needs help determining how and where traffickers move about, and learning ways to strengthen evidence against captured criminals. They also want to help reduce the demand for wildlife and crack down on corruption.

Since each issue plays a troublesome role in trafficking, Yates says it will take action in each of these areas to make a real impact. While the USAID is working vigilantly on cracking down on the illegal wildlife trade, officials say the government cannot fix the problem on their own, they need help from the public.

If you'd like to submit an idea, you can write a short description of it and submit it to before the deadline at the end of this month.

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$500,000 Offered for Idea to Combat Wildlife Trafficking