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$5,000 Well Spent: 5 Ideal Hunting Trips for Five Grand or Less

Photo by: Oconee Ridge

These hunting trips are top notch and won’t make you take out a second mortgage in order to get a booking.

Affordable, quality hunting trips can be few and far between. Here are some hunts that are sure to be worth your time and money.

1. Wyoming for a trophy pronghorn hunt

Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters is an amazing outfitter that can put you and a friend on an amazing three-day, guided pronghorn hunt for only $2,500. The hunt takes place on a 15,000-acre ranch in northeastern Wyoming that is absolutely overrun with trophy class antelope. They only hunt a maximum of 12 antelope on the ranch per year in order to manage the herds properly.

Add the price of tags, meals, and a plane ticket and you are likely to stay short of $5,000.

2. Chase big Georgia whitetail at Oconee Ridge

hunting trips
Photo by: Oconee Ridge

At Oconee Ridge you will encounter first-class whitetail deer hunting on an exclusive middle Georgia hunting plantation. The property there has been managed for the last four years and this is the first season for commercial whitetail hunting.

A four-day trip will run you $1,500. While some fees like extra lodging, cleaning, and tracking are not included, this is still a fantastic opportunity to chase big Georgia whitetails.

3. Osceola Ranch turkey hunt

turkey hunts
Photo by: Osceola Ranch

Hunting for Osceola turkeys in Florida is some seriously heart pounding action. These birds are smart, but often fall for a well placed decoy and an educated call. Harvesting a turkey at Osceola Ranch will run you to around $2,000 and with $300 for an additional bird. The ranch is 600 acres and located in Levy County Florida.

4. Trophy gator hunt with Git Bit Outdoors

florida gator hunting
Photo by: Git Bit Outdoors

Gator hunting with Git Bit Outdoors is something that more and more people are making an annual event. The operation is based out of central Florida and is close to the Orlando International Airport, as well as major attractions.

A trophy alligator with these folks will cost $1,500 and your success is 100 percent guaranteed!

5. Thermal Hog Hunting With Prone Outfitters

night time hog hunting
Photo by: Prone Outfitters

Thermal hog hunting in Texas has become a huge pastime over the past few years, and nobody out there does it like the folks at Prone Outfitters. A thermal hog hunt with these guys will run you $650. A couple more hundred bucks for lodging and food will keep you under a grand for one of their hunts, making it one of the cheaper ones on this list.



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$5,000 Well Spent: 5 Ideal Hunting Trips for Five Grand or Less