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50-Year-Old 6-Pack of Beer Found by Wisconsin Anglers in River

This was a catch these Wisconsin anglers did not release. 

Just last weekend, three Wisconsin anglers went on a fishing trip together to the Wolf River and caught something right out of history. Somewhere in the midst of all of their casting, one of them got snagged on the bottom. As it turned out, that bottom snag was a 50-year-old six pack of beer.

Here’s the story straight from Fox 11.

“They were empty unfortunately, I don’t know how good they would’ve tasted anyways. They would’ve been cold still, I’m guessing,” said Adam Graves, in an interview. “We were just really surprised. It’s not every day you find something like that hooked onto your line. It’s just something to tell the family and tell friends.”

After a quick phone call and photo share with Budweiser, they confirmed the cans were at least 50 to 60 years old.

Regardless if the trio caught anything or not, pulling up something like that from history is a catch all in itself. There’s no telling if these cans have any value or not, but as Graves said, it’s something they can share with friends and family for the rest of their lives.

Here’s to catch and keep…if it’s a beer!



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50-Year-Old 6-Pack of Beer Found by Wisconsin Anglers in River