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50 Uses for Paracord [PICS]

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Paracord is probably one of the most useful items in the outdoors, right under ducktape of course.

Paracord is something that just about every sportsman carries with them nowadays. Its light-weight, super-strength design has been used to suspend people from parachutes for ages. It can be used for everything from everyday tasks to survival situations.

I have small bundles of paracord hidden everywhere. It's in my daypack for hiking, drawers in my home, glovebox of my truck, and anywhere else I can think to stick some. I use it a lot when I am out practicing my bushcraft for many purposes including shelters, snares, and much more.

Still not convinced that you should be hiding it around places too? Well, let me know how you feel after scanning through my list of 50 uses for paracord.

1. Tie people or gear up.

2. Replace your shoe laces.

3. Make a leash for your pet.

4. Woven into slings for guns.

5. Tied into knots for a ladder.

6. Make netting bag for gear or to hold large fish.

7. Fish stringer.

8. Rope to lift objects.

9. Hang animals from trees for skinning.

10. Trip wires for camp security.

11. Snares for catching small game in a survival situation.

12. Make a tow rope.

13. Hang a bear bag from a tree.

14. Strap down items to your vehicle.

15. Shelter building.

16. Wrapped around knives or hatchets for a comfortable handle.

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17. Lashings for a raft.

18. Make an improvised hammock.

19. Weave to make a rock sling for hunting.

20. Make a bola for hunting.

21. Fishing line

22. Rig up an anchor for a small boat with a large rock.

23. Tie sticks to a broken or sprang limb.

24. Wrap around to make a tourniquet.

25. Make a stretcher to carry someone out of the woods.

26. Use for a bow for a friction fire.

27. Use it for the string on a makeshift bow for hunting.

28. Sew up your clothing with the smaller inner threads.

29. Tie down and hold up a tarp tent.

30. Clothes line

31. Floss your teeth with inner strands.

32. Make and sell paracord wristbands.

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33. Bow stringer

34. A strop for polishing razors and knifes

35. Way to string small game together.

36. Pull cords for lawn equipment and chainsaws.

37. Belt if yours breaks.

38. Suspenders (If you don't wear belts.)

39. Lash a blade onto a makeshift spear.

40. Secure arrow heads on emergency arrows.

41. Water ski rope.

42. Way to drag animals from the woods.

43. Trotline stringer

44. Replacement lanyard if one breaks.

45. Replace drawstrings on bags.

46. Make improvised snowshoes.

47. Use as line for bowfishing.

48. Hanging lanterns in tents or from trees.

49. Fuse or wick for a candle.

50. Bundling firewood you pick up on your way to camp.

There are probably a lot more uses for paracord than listed here. It really is a wonder item when you are in a survival situation or a tight spot. Just remember it can be used for just about anything regular rope can do.

If you need some more strength for hanging or dragging a large animal, each wrap can hold 550 pounds. Just multiply it up as you need. 10 wraps around or pieces twisted together will hold up to 5,500 pounds.

So what do you think? Is paracord worth at least keeping in your hunting/hiking bag, truck, and tackle box? I'm sure you are nodding your head.

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50 Uses for Paracord [PICS]