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50 Cal VS Lightbulb: Turning Out the Lights with a 50 Cal

50cal shooting

FullMag pushing their 50cal to the limits to snatch a lightbulb off of its connector.

Big Bore rifles such as the 50cal are well known for their ability to take out targets at great distances. The 50cal is documented in the history books as taking out targets 1.5 miles away with great precision. Those shots are an impressive bond between the shooter and his rifle.

While we're not exactly sure how far away this lightbulb was situated away from the rifle, we can be sure that the 50cal was definitely flying straight enough to make its mark. Considering that the average lightbulb is in the vicinity of three inches in circumference that would make the 50cal sniper rifle about 3-4 MOA. Naturally we can assume that the rifle can repeat this process over and over again but we only get to see them do it once.

Hilarious Mat Best gets in on the festivities. Watching these two characters enjoy their second amendment rights to the fullest is awesome. Mat's company ART-15 also makes some genius shirts that are sure to make some heads turn. Check them out and enjoy the slippery smooth slo-mo footage.


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50 Cal VS Lightbulb: Turning Out the Lights with a 50 Cal