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Watch This Guy Make An Impossible Shot With a .50 Cal Rifle [VIDEO]

Making a 1,000-yard shot from a prone position is no simple feat.

Try that shot standing up with a .50 cal, and you'll have a shooting challenge that's nearly impossible.

But not for this guy.

Sniper instructor Ryan Cleckner was teaching a class last year at Texas Triggers - a shooting ranch in Sonora, Texas - when his students egged him on to take that impossible shot. His students wanted to film him shooting a target a 1,000 yards away with a Barrett M107 from an off-hand standing position. Keep in mind, a .50 cal kicks like a mule, and to make a shot that far away you almost have to fire from a prone position.

"Oh yeah, I shoot it all the time standing. It's just I'm not going to hit it at a 1,000 yards," he says in the video.

He was being modest. Watch what he does with his first shot.

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The Barrett M107 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for .50 BMG - a devastating round that can piece through heavy armor. US Army snipers have used the rifle extensively in military operations around the world.

Think you could make that shot? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Watch This Guy Make An Impossible Shot With a .50 Cal Rifle [VIDEO]