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.50 BMG vs. Propane Tanks [VIDEO]

This guy decided to see what a .50 BMG would do to some propane tanks.

The results might surprise you. Even this guy didn't know what would happen when he shot propane tanks with a .50 BMG and he "shootsa lotta stuff in his free time."

Watch the video to see what happens.


Well, now we know. Shooting propane tanks does not cause an explosion unless some fire is introduced, at which point they make a big boom. Movies are bull, as usual.

The .50 BMG round was first introduced in 1910. It is basically a gigantic 30-06 round and has been used for a number of purposes since its introduction including long range sniper work and hunting.

These guns don't come cheap. Shooters looking to pick up a .50 BMG of their own should expect to spend at least a couple grand. Imagine how many propane tanks you could buy with that money.

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.50 BMG vs. Propane Tanks [VIDEO]